Picking a Vase

When arranging flowers, it’s very important you use the correct vase. Contrary to what you might think, vases count for more than aesthetic purposes - they have an effect on the plant’s growth.

It’s true that there are many different types of flowers out there. Likewise, the selection of vases you can buy is quite vast. Below are some of our most valuable tips on getting your own vase.

Choosing the right vase


One of the first factors to consider when picking a vase is the size. The most important thing to look at is that the length of your flower's stem - this should not be more than one-half the height of your chosen vase.

It might sound like a cliché, but avoid using an oversized vase if you have tiny flowers. People make this mistake because large vases are often visually stunning, especially when they have an eye-catching design. However, they'll usually end up dwarfing your plant.

You might need to consider the width of the vase opening as well. If it's too wide, your flowers won't have the right support and will hang lazily in the vase. Likewise, a vase that doesn’t have enough room can also affect the bouquet's presentation.


Your vase's colour should ideally match the appearance of your flowers. If you’re after a transparent vase, this will be additional maintenance, as the plant will be visible. This is unlike non-transparent vases, which will mask your plant's stem.


If you are keen on a bouquet arrangement, the shape of your vase is everything. Here are the different types of vases to choose from - depending on the type of flower you wish to put in there.

Column Vase:

These are very tall or fairly-sized cylindrical vases. They are ideal for long-stem flowers, like gladioli, lilies, and sunflowers. You can also use column vases to display decorative twigs or branches.

Hourglass Vase:

These are the ‘wide at the bottom, narrow at the neck’ type of vases. They are not usually tall, so they come in handy for medium/short-stem flowers or flowers with round heads. Some flowers that work well in these are hydrangeas, roses, peonies, etc. Their curvy shape is very stylish. If you want to create a good impression with your guest, these vases are ideal.

Round Vase:

Similar to a fishbowl, round vases aren't for all kinds of flowers, but they do have an attractive appearance — especially when tulips or roses are placed inside. That said, this type of vase might be tricky to handle because the neck isn't narrow. However, a proper cut to the stem to fit the vase's exact height will make your flowers look wonderful.

Rectangular Vase:

These vases are useful for arranging single stems that spread out, e.g., narcissi. They are ideal for classic theme decorations.


The style factor involves choosing a vase based on the atmosphere you are trying to create. For example, you may pick a vase with an animal-shape design if you are decorating a wildlife exhibition studio. In this respect, there are a lot of different directions you can go in; the style of the vase is much more up to your preference than anything else!

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By Miles Warner 08 October 2020