New Baby Flowers Ideas

A new addition to the family is always a reason to celebrate - especially if it’s the first child! Sending a beautiful bouquet is a great way to show appreciation for bringing a new life into the world. The range of meanings of flowers makes them ideal gifts for welcoming the arrival of a new baby. If you are looking for new baby flowers, this guide is sure to point you in the right direction.

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History and Tradition of New Baby Flowers

The importance of flowers has existed since prehistoric times. It's difficult to say whether or not flowers were given as baby gifts during those times. However, some Paleolithic fossils have shown that flowers were commonly used in both birth and funeral rituals.

Today, flowers continue to be a gift for new parents. They not only express happiness for the arrival of a newborn but are a sign of re-birth — linked to the sprouting of seeds.

Flower Ideas for New Baby Gifts

How To Pick the Right New Baby Flowers

When picking the right flowers you should pay attention to a few things - including the scent, colour, and species of flower. At Direct2Florist we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect flowers for new baby.

If you’re looking to send flowers, our connections to local florists give you access to beautiful bouquets, delivered hassle-free. However, we’ve included a few tips below to help point you in the right direction.

  1. It’s a good idea to go for soft colours. Tones such as pink, orange, salmon, yellow, lilac, or white are ideal for this occasion. These colours provide luminosity without being too bold. They are very pleasing to the eye and provide a sense of calm.
  2. Beware of very intense fragrances. Scents that are too strong are not suitable - and may set off the mother if she is still pregnant. This can also include allergies.
  3. Think about what kind of flowers the mother may like. If you don't know what she is into, you can bet on classics, such as white roses that symbolise the purity of the newborn.
  4. Is the newborn a boy or a girl? If the gender is defined by the parents, this can also influence the colour of the bouquet.

Popular Types of New Baby Flowers

There is a wide range of new baby flowers that make for great gifts. Some bouquet ideas you may want to consider are:


White lilies symbolise perfection. The white tone signifies purity, goodness, and cleanliness. In the case of yellow lilies, they are symbols of energy, joy, and happiness.

The orange lilies combine the meanings of the red and the yellow. With orange lilies, they can symbolise creativity, enthusiasm, and encouragement.


Daisies are often used to represent the joy, simplicity, and sophistication offered by nature.


Although tulips come in a variety of colours, the white ones are the most ideal for celebrating a newborn as they're a symbol of purity, life, and re-birth.

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By Miles Warner 23 September 2020