Boosting employee morale: sending flowers to remote workers

Whatever your views on the benefits of being in the office or working from home or the local café, today's work landscape means that many employees now work remotely.

It’s therefore unsurprising that employers seeking to maintain strong relationships with their remote workforce are increasingly sending flowers. In this blog post, we explore the significance of sending flowers to remote employees and provide suggestions for the best flowers to send, along with the optimal occasions to express appreciation.

The power of flowers in work-life balance

Flowers possess a unique ability to uplift spirits, improve mental wellbeing, and create a positive atmosphere. When sent to remote employees, flowers are a tangible reminder that they are valued and appreciated. The vibrant colours and fresh fragrances can transform a home workspace, boosting motivation and enhancing productivity. Moreover, receiving flowers encourages a healthier work-life balance as it reinforces the importance of creating a pleasant home environment.

Perfect occasions to send flowers

From celebrating a job well done to a work anniversary, success, promotion, retirement or, sadly, the decision to move to pastures new, there are numerous reasons to send flowers to employees. The main reasons to send flowers to employees who work remotely include:

  1. Work anniversaries: Commemorating a remote employee's work anniversary acknowledges their loyalty and dedication. Flowers can be sent as a token of appreciation, recognising their continued contribution.
  2. Milestones and achievements: Celebrate significant milestones, accomplishments, or completion of challenging projects by sending flowers. Acknowledging these successes fosters a sense of accomplishment and motivates remote employees to sustain their outstanding performance.
  3. Birthdays and special events: Just because employees work from home doesn't mean their special days should go unnoticed. Sending flowers to commemorate birthdays, promotions, or other personal milestones demonstrates the employer's thoughtfulness and care.

What flowers should I send to remote employees?

Whatever the reason, what flowers should you send to a colleague? Here are a few popular flower options that would be ideal:

Gerberas: Few flowers beat gerberas in the vibrant and cheerful stakes. What’s more, these popular flowers are known to symbolise gratitude, meaning they’re an ideal pick to convey appreciation.

Chrysanthemums: Long-lasting, good value and available in a variety of colours, chrysanthemums are often associated with thankfulness and are an excellent option for expressing gratitude.

Sunflowers: These bright and cheerful blooms are associated with happiness, warmth, and gratitude. Sunflowers can brighten up any workspace and convey your thankful sentiments.

Mixed bright bouquets: Opting for colourful mixed bouquets featuring flowers such as sunflowers, daisies, lilies, or tulips can instantly lighten the atmosphere. Colourful flowers evoke joy and positivity, helping remote employees stay motivated during challenging times.

Orchid plants: Exotic and elegant, orchids bring sophistication to a home office. With proper care, they can bloom for an extended period, symbolising endurance and strength.

Timing and Delivery

To ensure your flower delivery is well-received, timing is of utmost importance. Consider collaborating with a reliable local florist who guarantees prompt and fresh delivery and can help with same-day delivery when flowers are needed in a hurry!

Sometimes, remote colleagues will work in different time zones, so factor this into your thoughts. Ordering flowers through a local florist will help avoid surprise out-of-hours deliveries.

What else should I consider?

Size matters when it comes to sending flowers to colleagues. Opt for a small bouquet, and it won’t demonstrate how much you appreciate an employee. Send something too big, and space at home (not to mention the number of vases needed) may be a problem. The sweet spot, therefore, is somewhere in the middle with a mid-sized bouquet of flowers.

Of course, there are some flowers that are a no-no when sending flowers to employees, wherever they work. Bouquets of red roses are a good example, as they have romantic connotations.

You could consider sending a houseplant, rather than a bouquet of cut flowers, for a longer-lasting gift. Many houseplants can last for years and flower repeatedly, perfect for green-fingered colleagues.

Nurturing relationships with flowers

Sending flowers to employees working remotely is a meaningful way to boost their morale, reinforce their connection to the company, and show appreciation for their hard work. Employers can foster a positive work environment where remote employees thrive by selecting the best flowers and choosing the appropriate occasions to send them. Sending flowers can go a long way in nurturing solid relationships with your remote team members.

By Austin Clark 16 August 2023