Favourite Mother’s Day flowers in New Zealand and Australia

Mother's Day Favourites

When it comes to International Mother’s Day flower delivery (always the second Sunday in May) from the UK to destinations such as New Zealand and Australia , what flowers should you choose for your special delivery? To help you out, here’s a quick guide to the favourite flowers in these two far-flung nations.

New Zealand’s favourite flowers

According to the National Flower Promotion Group (NFPG), New Zealanders love roses more than any other flowers. Lilies and gerberas round out the top three selling flowers all-year round – and when they are in season, peonies, lisianthus, hydrangeas, dahlias, cymbidiums and proteas are popular too.

And this is the wonderful thing about the May date for International Mother’s Day – while the nation’s most popular flowers are available all year round in New Zealand, plenty of seasonal favourites – often homegrown – are available for the celebrations of mums. Click to browse the Mother's Day range for New Zealand.

“New Zealand has a long history of growing some of the world’s favourite flowers, with weather and soil conditions suitable for growing all sorts of flowers, including some exotic varieties that are perfect for Mother’s Day,” explains Simon Stirling, Managing Director of Direct2florist.

“In more recent times, large greenhouses are used to produce cut flowers which means they are less reliant on natural weather and climate conditions. All-in-all, this means there’s a great selection of flowers to choose from.”

What about Australia?

Flowers magazine ranks roses, lilies, orchids and native Australian flowers as the best-selling blooms in the country. But around Mother’s Day, this trend shifts in favour of other favourites such as tulips, carnations and chrysanthemums. Here’s a round-up of why these flowers are so popular. Click to browse the Mother's Day range for Australia.


Aussies absolutely adore roses! Over 50% of all flower imports to the country are these classic favourites – meaning you can’t go wrong when sending them to your mum or mother-in-law. From a classic bouquet to an elaborate container arrangement with long-stemmed roses, they make a lovely Mother’s Day gift.


This exotic flower is available in many colours and makes a brilliantly modern choice for Mother’s Day. Aussies love them – making them a year-round favourite, while orchid plants are an option for those looking for a long-lasting Mother’s Day surprise!


With their array of colours and lovely fragrance, lilies are always show-stopping and bound to make mum smile on Mother’s Day. Choose a bright and beautiful bouquet or a stylish luxury arrangement in a vase, mum is sure to love them.


Nicknamed ‘mums’, it’s no wonder these are the quintessential Mother’s Day flower in Australia. In full bloom in Australia’s autumn, the symbolism of these colourful, easy to care for, long-lasting flowers are fitting for Mother’s Day in Australia too; optimism, joy, friendship, love and support from family and loved ones!


Wherever you are in the world, it seems the carnation is the traditional Mother’s Day flower of choice. While red is the traditional colour, pink carnations are increasingly popular for their symbolism of a Mother’s undying love. Another long-lasting, easy to care for choice.

This list provides just a snapshot of the flowers available when celebrating Mother’s Day in Australia or New Zealand.

When it comes to sending the best Mother’s Day flowers to New Zealand or Australia, Simon recommends letting the local florists, which Direct2florist will connect you to, using their skills and expertise to choose the best available flowers. “Our network of florists, because they’re buying from markets and wholesalers day-in-day-out are the ones who really know what’s available, which flowers are best value and of the highest quality,” he says.

By Austin Clark 07 April 2021