Sending blooms to your bestie this Friendship Day?

A common question we’re often asked by our customers here at Direct2florist is, “what flowers should I send my friend?” So, with International Day of Friendship fast approaching on Sunday 30 July, we thought we would take a look at which flowers are best for besties – and what this very special day is all about.

What is the International Day of Friendship?

The first International Day of Friendship, or Friendship Day as it’s more commonly called, was proposed for 30 July 1958 by the World Friendship Crusade, an international civil organisation that campaigns to foster a culture of peace through friendship. Building on an occasion that had spread through parts of Asia earlier – where gifts were exchanged between friends – the day started to catch on. It wasn’t, however, until 2011, when 30 July was declared as the International Day of Friendship by the General Assembly of United Nations, that the day really caught on around the world, with the spread helped by the use of social media.

Today, gifts are shared by friends around the corner, or around the world, with flowers often sent to celebrate a best friend who’s always got you covered, to say thank you to the special person who went above and beyond, or just because people want to! 

Sending friendship flowers

If you are sending flowers to a friend, whether on Friendship Day or any other day of the year, what should you send?

Unlike certain occasions where there are clear front runners when it comes to choosing flowers – think romance and red roses – the range of friendship flowers is broader. However, delve into the language of flowers and you’ll find a suitable selection to choose from.

Leading the way are yellow roses. Representing friendship and regarded as the ‘official rose of friendship’, they’re an ideal choice when telling your pals how brilliant they are. Brilliantly summery, they’re a great choice for this time of year.

If you are sending flowers to a friend who has been facing hardship or helped you through tough times, chrysanthemums are thought to signify support and caring amongst friends. They’re also really long-lasting, helping to showcase your friendship for longer.

Otherwise, flowers for Friendship Day can be as individual as you are. If you happen to know what type of flower your friend favours, be it carnations, freesia or sunflowers, why not send a bouquet based around those flowers? Friendship Day is all about celebrating your best buddy, and for that, the rules really don’t apply!

By Austin Clark 14 July 2023