Popular Flowers for Get Well Soon

If you know someone that's under-the-weather, you'll agree - a little bit of colour can do them some good. This is why get well soon flowers are so effective.

Besides the fact that flowers are important symbolically, a warm get well soon message is always appreciated. Don’t know where to start? Below we’ve written a few tips to help you out.

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History and Tradition of Gell Well Soon Flowers

Before modern medicine came into the picture, plants were virtually the only source of healing. From eating leaves to drinking extracts, healers used them as remedies for tons of diseases.

Some flowers were even placed in the sick person's room so that the scent could counter any pestilence. This act gave rise to the thoughtful tradition of sending Get Well Soon flowers many years later.

How To Pick The Right Get Well Soon Flowers

Choosing flowers is not an easy task as it is; let alone knowing what to pick when you have to send flowers to someone who is ill. However, if you're stuck on what to buy, Direct2Florist can help make things easier for you.

Our site connects you with a great selection of florists in your area. Not only can you find the perfect bouquet for your friend, but we’ll get it sent to them in no time at all. That being said, there are a few things you should keep in mind before ordering a get well soon flowers delivery.

  1. Go with the season. Flowers are more beautiful and fresher when they blossom naturally.
  2. Beware of very intense fragrances. Scents that are too strong are not suitable - and may set off the mother if she is still pregnant. This can also include allergies.
  3. Remember that the recipient is unwell, flowers with chemical treatments are not the way to go. No one does it better than mother nature!
  4. You'll do well to get an allergy-friendly flower - even if the recipient doesn't have allergies. Don't take the chance.
  5. Bright colours work best! After all, you’re trying to cheer them up.

Popular Types of Get Well Soon Flowers

Below we’ve listed some popular picks for get well soon flowers. The choices below make for lovely bouquets - see which ones take your fancy!


Daisies are an ideal flower to send a get-well-soon message. The daisies's bright colours are a perfect way to tell the person that you wish them brighter days ahead. To narrow things down, gerbera daisies in particular are an excellent option.


You can't go wrong with peonies - especially when it's spring. Peonies are not only beautiful, but they symbolize healing. You'll add beautiful colours to their space, whilst sending a message of recovery - even if they don’t know it!


The uniqueness of the Hydrangea makes it ideal as a Get Well Soon flower. Hydrangeas grow in clusters; this way of growing is seen as a symbol of perseverance.


Representing "loving thoughts," pansies are an ideal flower to send to a loved one under the weather. Their bold hues and tones make them a little pricey, but it's never too much for someone you hold dear.


Sunflowers are bold, bright, and peppy. Their bright yellow colour represents happiness and healing. It'll cheer your friend up in an instance!

Get Well Soon Flowers
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By Miles Warner 23 September 2020