Top tips for sending flowers overseas this International Mother's Day

Mother's Day Favourites

International Mother’s Day flower delivery – always celebrated on the second Sunday in May – is one of the busiest times of the year for long-distance flower sending.

Celebrated in a long list of countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada to name just a few (click here for a full list of countries that Direct2florist customers will be sending International Mother’s Day flowers to), this global festival of mums has flowers at its heart – not least because nothing shows mum how much you love her than a beautiful delivery of flowers from a local florist!

Whether you’re sending International Mother’s Day flowers from the UK to Australia, New Zealand or wherever for the first time, or you’re an experienced hand and want to double check your beautiful gift will be the best yet, here’s our handy guide to sending the best flowers overseas.

Select your local florist and floral design

Once you’ve selected your country, simply enter the lucky recipient’s address. With this information, we can show you which local florists deliver – allowing you to choose from the florist’s selection of International Mother’s Day gifts, helped by real customer reviews.

Choose your country

International Mother’s Day takes place in numerous countries around the world in May – to check Direct2florist delivers to the country where your mum is, simply head to our website and select from the drop-down list of countries we cover.

Order as early as possible

While same day delivery may be available, it’s best to order early for International Mother’s Day as it’s a period of time when flowers are most in demand – meaning florists could run out of certain flowers if you leave it late. It’s especially important to order early if you have any specific requirements. Remember too that while same day delivery may be available, time zones need to be factored in!

A special mum needs a special gift

Sending a bouquet of fresh Mother’s Day flowers is the very next best thing to being with mum in person. After all, few things beat that special feeling of having Mother’s Day flowers delivered to your door by a local florist – especially if you’re sending International Mother’s Day flowers from the UK to New Zealand or Australia and proving that distance is no obstacle! However, with so many flowers to choose from, how do you select the flowers that will make your flowers truly memorable? Check out our handy guide here.

Pick her favourite flowers

If mum has a favourite flower, choose a bouquet that contains it. Or, if mum loves something unusual, let us know and our local florists will do their best to source it specially for you – that’s the benefit of opting for Direct2florist’s personal service.

Choose a delivery that works for mum

Perhaps your mum will be treated to a lovely lunch to mark the occasion? Perhaps she has a busy social life or works on Sundays? Whatever the reason, choose a delivery date that you know will work for your mum when sending International Mother’s Day flowers. Convenience extends to your choice of gift too – could a delivery in a vase be ideal for a new mum? Or perhaps a ready-arranged floral basket that requires minimal care is the best bet?

By Austin Clark 09 April 2021