Continuing the Christmas flower sending tradition

christmas flower deliveries

From sharing Christmas wishes with the special people in your life to making a home feel suitably festive, Christmas flowers have a special role to play at this most magical time of the year. After all, few images of the season would be complete without a beautiful Christmassy table centre featuring traditional flowers and foliage, a delightful candle design on a mantle piece, or a twinkly Christmas tree adorned with decorations. And how can we forget the traditional poinsettia plants?

Unsurprisingly, the tradition of giving flowers and plants as gifts at Christmas – or decorating homes with them – dates back centuries. Some examples include:

  • The Vikings used wreaths and brought whole trees inside their homes for protection from evil spirits that they believed the cold brought on.
  • Holly usage dates back to Ancient Rome. It was a popular decoration during the festival of Saturnalia and often given as gifts in a wreath – you could argue this was early Christmas flower delivery in action! Early Roman Christians were said to have put Holly leaves on their doors in order to avoid persecution, but as Christianity slowly gained dominance, Holly became associated with the celebration of Christ’s birth in December.
  • Franciscan friars in Mexico included the Poinsettia in Christmas decorations as early as the 17th century. The star-shaped leaf pattern was said to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem, and the red colour represented the blood of Jesus.

Today, sending Christmas flowers remains as popular as ever. At Direct2Florist, we’re dedicated to connecting friends, family and loved ones through the gift of Christmas flowers – with traditional flowers – and colours for that matter – very much at the heart of Direct2florist’s Christmas range.

Quintessential festive foliage, including holly and ivy, combine with customer favourite flowers – think suitably Christmassy blooms of poinsettias, roses, amaryllis and lilies in a range of designs.

Those looking to Christmas flowers delivered can choose from a huge selection of designs including vase arrangements, basket designs, table centres, Christmas candle arrangements, fun festive gift bags and much more. For the perfect finishing touches, we’ve even added a glorious selection of seasonal accessories (think more traditional Christmas items), all gorgeously packaged just as you would expect at this time of the year.

Whether you’re sending flowers to family members you can’t be with or looking to mark the festive season with the most memorable Christmas present, our seasonal selection has it covered. Even for those who it seems finding the perfect gift is an insurmountable task, we’ve got a Christmas flower delivery to suit – and in the process you’ll be helping to continue a century old tradition of Christmas flower giving.