Taking flower preservation to another level

We would all love our cut flowers to last longer – many Direct2florist customers spent Covid lockdown days making potpourri or drying flowers. However, one floral designer in Japan has taken flower preservation to another level, by making floral arrangements in ice!

Azuma Makoto, renowned for creating floral designs in unusual settings, has released details of a design titled “Frozen Flowers” that he created back in 2018 in Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands.

Part of Makoto’s In Bloom series, the florist (can we call him that?) doused open blossoms and greenery in water. Over time, the cold air froze around the flowers and foliage, creating a chilly but attractive installation!

“The place where this installation was held in Hokkaido is also called the end of the world since blighted pine trees are usually spread out there and that place freezes over in winter,” said Makoto’s studio. “It was the series of how Azuma pursued unknown possibilities of flowers and how flowers express themselves under this condition.”

Photo by Shiinoki Shunsuke

Photo by Shiinoki Shunsuke

Placed against a white, snowy landscape and preserved in ice, the preserved floral arrangements continue to shine as their bright colours contrast with its surroundings.

We do, however, think that Makoto’s methods are a tad extreme – and customers of Direct2florist can follow a few simple steps to ensure their flowers last as long as possible. More information can be found in our handy guide – click here to read more.

More images and a short video of Makoto’s process are available on his website, and you can follow his latest works on Instagram.

The artist has previously made headlines after creating a ‘bouquet’ underwater, while an art installation of floral designs in Rio de Janeiro received critical acclaim. He has even sent flowers into space, proving that the sky really isn’t the limit when it comes to floral design!

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By Austin Clark 15 March 2021