Beautiful flowers to say Congratulations

As we journey through life, celebrating the strides we make can help push us even further towards our goals.

There are many milestones worthy of recognition. If you want to celebrate the achievement of your friends and family, congratulations flowers are some of the most thoughtful gifts money can buy. Whether you're a flower person or not, following this short guide can help you get the right flowers to say ‘well done!’

Receiving congratulations flowers

History And Tradition Of Congratulations Flowers

Going back to Ancient Greece can help us see when flowers first became a symbol of gratitude and celebration.

Greece is famous for its games, like the Olympics. In those times, victorious athletes were awarded olive leaves in recognition of their achievements. Sending flowers to congratulate people became more popular during the 18th century with Sweden's Charles II and has continued until today.

Congratulations Flowers

How to Pick The Right Congratulations Flowers

It bodes well to pick the right congratulations flowers. This will mostly come down to the recipient's taste - something obvious (but occasionally overlooked) such as their favourite colour, can be a game-changer. However, if you're stuck on what to buy, Direct2Florist can really help you send flowers the right way.

We specialise in connecting buyers with top-quality florists in the local area. We have a huge selection of professionals in our directory, all with extensive knowledge in putting together beautiful bouquets. Making that decision can be as simple as asking the pros!

Regardless of how you choose to get the perfect flowers, we have a few tips below that will help to make your decision easier.

  1. Go with their personality. Bold and fun-loving people usually love bright colours and funky styles.
  2. For a graduation celebration, pick flowers that mesh with their college overalls.
  3. Pink or blue is good for celebrating a newborn girl or boy, respectively. You can also opt for a gender-neutral colour to be on the safe side.
  4. Deep red or purple is associated with power - this is a great choice when a hurdle has been crossed (for example, after a big promotion).

Popular Types of Congratulations Flowers

Some of the best flowers for congratulations are listed below. Take a look and see which ones jump out at you.


The multi-coloured nature of carnations communicates achievement, admiration, and prowess. This is something you can give to your friends or family members if celebrating success in their career, family, business, etc.


The lilac flower is popularly known as the 8th-anniversary flower. So, when celebrating this wedding anniversary, look no further than lilacs. This wonderful gift of nature also signifies spring season-arrival, so it’s a nice gift for those spring celebrations.


Roses are quite popular when it comes to communicating love and affection. It's the first-stop on Valentine's day, or when one lover wants to show the intensity of their passion! It's also one of the most versatile flowers you'll find.

Aside from the red-coloured roses which are usually linked with romance, there are also white and yellow roses that stand for pureness and innocence, respectively. Roses are also ideal when a new baby is born.

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By Miles Warner 23 September 2020