How to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

Using flowers is the easiest way to spruce up your home. It brings out the character of your living space, without necessarily having to change anything. Using the right colours and designs hand-in-hand with carefully selected flowers can make your home much more inviting and appealing.

There are several ways to use flowers to improve your decor. Whether you plan on making small changes or switching things up completely, you’ll need actionable ideas to guide you in the right direction.

We’ve rounded this article down to five ideas we think are useful for decorating your home with flowers.

ideas to decorate your home

Choose the Right Flowers

You’ll need to choose the right flowers to compliment the theme of your interior if you want everything to match correctly. Choosing something too overwhelming is a quick route to awkward-looking decor.

Of course, you can always choose between real or artificial flowers, but there's nothing quite like a having beautiful vase of fresh seasonal flowers on your window-sill or mantle-peice. Not only do they add a natural fragrance to your home and are wonderful to look at, but flowers are proven to elevate people's mood levels.

Use a Local Florist

By ordering flowers online for your home through a local florist, you get to enjoy the highest quality of flowers to brighten up your home. You can be confident the flowers made by florists will always arrive fresh and impecibly made. If you're choosing Direct2florist to order flowers for yourself - your flowers will be made by an independent florist in your area. That's right! Every florist on Direct2florist is an independent hard-working local business! So, if you decide via our trusted award-winning flower delivery service, not only will you enjoy amazing flowers - But, you'll also be supporting a local business and in-turn supporting the high-street!

Add Table Decorations

Instead of leaving your tables bare, you can use flowers to spruce up your interior even more. Place flowers at the center of a table for a classy touch.

This can enhance the entire appeal of the room. Another cool idea is switching up your flower vases for something with a more appealing aesthetic. Try using alternatives such as mason jars and other trendy containers to add life to your living space.

Try Wall Decorations

Flower wall decorations are another way to add some colour to your interior. If the walls are too bare, or there’s not enough space to place some flowers elsewhere, we highly recommend flower decorations on the wall. When doing this, you should try to pick colours that compliment the tones of your decor rather than contrast them.

Try Floral Prints

The best alternative to using flowers to decorate your home is using floral prints. Items with floral patterns can really boost your surroundings if appropriately used.

Decorations like floral rugs, curtains, wallpapers, or wall canvases can add a touch of beauty to any setting in a matter of minutes. Match them with your furniture or upholstery is easy and you can have great control in making sure everything fits your home’s decor.

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By Miles Warner 08 October 2020