Popular Types of Birthday Flowers

Not sure what you should get your friends or family for their birthday? Flowers are a meaningful way of letting that special person know you’re glad they’re in your life. While they make a great gift, you should pick flowers depending on when the person is born.

This guide will help you work out what kind of happy birthday flowers you should choose - make sure you wow your friends or family on their special day!

History and Tradition Of Birthday Flowers

As you can imagine, flowers have hundreds of uses. The use of flowers as birthday gifts can be traced back to ancient times, where flowers played a fundamental role in celebrations or funerals. Handing someone a bouquet was often seen as a declaration of devotion.

Flowers were used as offerings to the gods, too. They were presented to people of authority, such as emperors, kings, and religious leaders. With time, it became a common practice. To this day, it continues as one of the most significant ways to celebrate someone on their day of birth.

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How To Pick The Right Birthday Flowers

Choosing flowers for someone, especially on their birthday, can be especially tricky. This is especially true when choosing to send flowers online.

However, if you’re feeling stuck, Direct2Florist can help make your choice easier. Our selection of local florists are ready to point you in the right direction - and can get those birthday flowers delivered swiftly to boot. Still, it’s good to have an idea of what you want beforehand. Below are a few ways you can get the cogs turning.

  1. Think about the recipient’s personality and interests. This can help to get a type of flower that goes with their style.
  2. Use colour as a guide. It’s a good tip to match up favourite colours with the ones you’re thinking of buying.
  3. Size/maintenance is also a big factor. Will they be able to look after the flowers properly?

Popular Types of Birthday Flowers

Choosing the right birthday bouquet can be based on the day that a birthday falls on. Here are some popular birthday flowers based on month.


This an ideal month for carnations. Dark red ones represent affection, whilst the white ones are synonymous with good luck.


This is a month where violets work nicely. They represent delicacy and simplicity.


Tulips are the go-to for this month. They symbolise the joy that the spring season brings us.


Daisies are where classic and simple come together. Daisies will always be forever stylish!


Roses are quintessential flowers. May presents us with a great variety of roses that come in beautiful colours.


Peonies are the best for this month. They aren't easy to find beyond summer, so can be a very unique selection.


This is the month of sunflowers. These flowers bring a lot of joy and fill the home with that sunny feeling.


Lilies are perfect for this time of year. They are very elegant flowers, while also being very pretty. More so, they come in many colours.


Gerberas are the pick for this month. They represent joy and are perfect for a birthday gift.


Hydrangeas are spectacular in Autumn. If you want an original gift, a beautiful bouquet with these flowers would be ideal.


An excellent gift for the person you love the most can be a bouquet of chrysanthemums, symbolising good luck.


There is nothing better than a bouquet of poinsettias as a birthday gift in December. They come in various shades, but the red ones are the most common.

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By Miles Warner 22 September 2020