Our Guide To Spotting Flowers

lots of flower types

Did you know that there are over 400,000 known flowering plant species? Flowers are a vital part of our ecosystem. And as the saying goes "no two plants are ever the same".

There are a lot of features that to think about when selecting the right plants for your home. Colour, size, growing conditions, and of course, the appearance of a flower all matter. Take the Dracaena as an example. This is a common houseplant with a wide range of varieties and is relatively easy to grow and maintain as a nice added feature to a home.

The Calla Lily, on the other hand, is best for the Easter season, while gerbera daisies, Monte Casino, and Marigolds make great Thanksgiving flowers. Lilly of the valley, Carnation and Scented Nacici are perfect for Mother's day while for Father's day, a bunch of Roses might be more befitting. You'll be able to send flower gifts with almost all of these flower types (when in season) with expert local florists through Direct2Florist.

In the plant kingdom, flowering plants are referred to as Angiosperms and make up about 250,000 0f the 400,000 species. We can divide flowering plants into two types; Monocot and Dicots.

Monocots typically have one cotyledon, which is the seed capsule the seed develops, while Dicots have two. Roses, Marigold, and Daisies are common Dicots. Daffodil, Tullip, and Oriental Lily great examples of Monocots.

Another sure way you can tell a Monocot from a Dicot is the design of the leaves. The veins on the Monocots are parallel, start at the base, and end at the tip. The Dicots, on the other hand, have veins that start from the bottom and spread out in an ordered manner all over the flower as can be seen in Rose.

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