Seven steps to keep tulips looking fresh

Seven steps to better tulips

Now that tulip season is in full swing, one of the questions we’re often asked about flowers delivered via Direct2florist is, how do I keep these lovely flowers looking fresh – and prevent them from dropping?

It’s a good question, given these flowers that epitomise springtime are amongst the hardest flowers to keep. The good news is that it’s relatively simple to look after tulips by following seven straightforward tips.

Before we take a look at those tulip care tips, it’s worth taking a look at why tulips tend to droop. For starters, tulips are phototropic and will continue to grow for at least 24-hours after cutting, which gives the appearance that they’re dropping. To minimise uneven movement, stand them in a spot lit equally from all sides – or rotate the vase through the day. They’re also thirsty flowers – like so many bulb flowers – and because they need water to keep stems upright it means they have a greater propensity to droop.

Did you know?

  • There are over 150 species of tulip with over 3,200 recorded varieties

  • Tulips are part of the lily family

  • The tulip is the national flower of Turkey

Seven ways to keep your tulips tip top for longer

  1. Look for flowers in bud
    Always try to buy tulips in bud to ensure maximum longevity and enjoyment.

  2. Get them in water ASAP
    As already mentioned, tulips love water. So try to get them into a vase or container as quickly as you can. If stem ends have dried out, trim them off.

  3. Trim the stems
    One of the most important care tips is to trim the stems of your tulips. Slicing around 3cm off the bottom – ideally at an angle to allow maximum water intake – will do the trick

  4. And repeat…
    It’s a good idea to re-trim stems every two or three days to stop to continually encourage

  5. Take the heat off
    Tulips don’t like heat sources such as radiators or direct sunlight, so try to keep them in a cool but light spot.

  6. Keep an eye on the foliage
    Excess foliage that sits below the waterline in a vase should be removed to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading.

  7. And finally, beware of fruit! Certain fruits give off gases which can increase ageing of your tulips.

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By Austin Clark 14 April 2021