Experts reveal how to create a budget-friendly Easter-themed tablescape to remember

Creating a show-stopping, Easter-themed table is a great way to celebrate the occasion.

However, the thought of tablescaping can sometimes seem overwhelming - and decorations seem costly.

But don’t panic - the experts at Direct2Florist are here to help, as they reveal their top tips on creating a stress-free Easter tablescape that will leave guests impressed and keep costs low!

Wendy Rea, an expert florist and business manager at Direct2Florist, which offers customers same-day delivery on hand-crafted flowers in the UK and abroad, said: “Whether you’re hosting a big family dinner, or an intimate event, anyone can create an impressive tablescape!”

The leading flower delivery service reveals how to create an egg-celent display this Easter, that looks professionally done, but doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive.

From utilising pots and jars around the home, adding visual interest to our table with flowers and levelling, incorporating a bright colour scheme and picking up decorations from budget-friendly retailers, Wendy Rea shares how to create a beautiful Easter table by following these tips:

She said: “An Easter tablescape is the perfect way to show you care when hosting a lunch or dinner. It really does look as if you have gone to a lot of trouble when in reality it's so simple if you follow a few rules.

“Get creative by using small containers as vases. Small wine glasses and glass bottles are perfect for this design - even small jars such as empty pots of mustard are ideal. You can pick them up at charity shops to keep costs, or repurpose whatever you have around the home, to keep costs as low as possible. 

“Get creative with this - jars and glasses of different shapes and sizes will make it more interesting. Cut the flowers short to fit snugly into the containers and try to vary heights to add vertical interest to your table.

“Consider incorporating pretty, bright coloured spring flowers into your tablescape design to keep with the aesthetic of spring.

“You can use the flowers growing in your garden, visit a flower shop, or for ease, order a beautifully hand-crafted Easter bouquet online from your local florist at Direct2Florist to create a beatiful centrepiece that matches your colour scheme, or split into smaller floral displays across your table.

“My top flower picks to create a stunning Easter tablecape are Pussy Willow, Forsythia, Hellebore, Tulips, Hyacinth,  Alstroemeria, Carnations,Roses, Hypericum and Gypsophila.

“These are eye-catching, bright coloured flowers, but if you’d rather opt for a minimal look then you can use just one type of flower, paired beautifully with cutlery and tableware, and stick to one colour scheme.

“To create an interesting aesthetic, you could fill containers with foliage and interspersed with candles of varying heights.

“Why not add novelty items such as small Easter eggs, or perhaps a seasonal dish filled with beautiful chocolates. Each item can be found at budget-friendly homeware retailers, like B&M, Home & Bargains or Home Sense.

“If the table is round then group the containers into the middle so that everyone has a lovely view. If the table is oblong then spread the containers down the middle, lengthways.

“To elevate your tablescape, you can also include objects that will create levelling and draw the eye-line to flowers and centrepiece.

“A simple way to do this is adding a piece of wood that you can paint to suit your colour scheme using a tester pot of paint that you can get at your local hardware retailer. Again, this will keep costs low, but will create a look that appears professional and well put together.

“To avoid making the table appear too fussy, then place your decorations, centrepieces and floral displays carefully - and always remember to leave room for glasses, cutlery and crockery!

“Finish by making tiny posies of flowers tied with narrow ribbon and place on napkins for that special final flourish.

About Direct2Florist

The family-owned business Direct2Florist was set up in February 2007 with one goal - to put consumers directly in touch with professional florist shops around the world, giving them full control of the flower-sending process. It has a network of more than 1,500+ local florists in the UK and across the globe, and offers same-day delivery in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. 

By Direct2florist 30 March 2023