Direct2florist looks to environmentally friendly Christmas

Independent florists up and down the country are planning an eco-friendlier festive season this year, with natural materials replacing the use of plastics in Christmas flower designs.

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High profile retail chains – including Morrisons, Waitrose and John Lewis – recently announced they won't be using glitter in own-brand Christmas products this year, while Boots UK said it would be cutting out single-use plastic packaging from Christmas gifts, removing 2,000 tonnes of plastic from its ranges. It means that all gift packaging is now plastic-free and is intended to be recycled or reused.

"Glitter is made up of tiny pieces of plastic, and when washed off, the little bits of plastic can end up in water where they never break down," Waitrose explained.

Morrisons home director Christine Bryce said: "Every time a cracker is pulled, or a card is opened, plastics have been used ... but just the once. We've taken glitter and plastic out of our festive range this year, so that our customers can enjoy their festivities without worrying about the environmental impact."

In 2018, Direct2florist became the first company in the flower delivery sector to introduce a dedicated Eco Range that is guaranteed to use no non-recyclable waste. The collection of products, which come packaged in fully biodegradable and recyclable materials, much of which is made from natural products, have been developed following feedback from customers. The move is part of Direct2florist’s commitment to phase out single use plastics and packaging waste over the coming years, with the forcast that more and more customers will be looking to give flowers in a eco friendly manner.

Alternative materials

The move away from plastic means Christmas flowers delivered will be increasingly packaged using materials such as Kraft paper, raffia, biodegradable string and recyclable containers. Forest Stewardship Council accredited cardboard is also set to be a common sight in florists, along with other natural materials such as felt, hessian and wooden.

“The move to ditch glitter and other single use plastics is a great step and one that Direct2florist wholeheartedly supports,” says Simon Stirling, Direct2florist’s Managing Director.

“I saw a stat recently suggesting that the amount of wrapping paper used for presents every Christmas is enough to stretch around the equator nine times! Therefore, little changes can make a huge difference – every flower delivery that uses an alternative to single use plastic, every bouquet that uses a recyclable or reusable container, or every design that ditches glitter is a positive. Above all else, we believe in giving customers choice – and that includes the option to ‘go green’.”

To help customers identify products from Direct2florist’s Eco Range, a tag has been placed on product listings across the site.

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By Austin Clark 20 October 2020