10 Ideas for Halloween Treats and Gifts

It’s that time of the year again where Halloween comes to visit. Dating back centuries, this celebration has been a firm favourite because it allows people to dive deep into their imagination and stretch their creative muscles.

When you mention Halloween, things like jack-o-lanterns, Trick-or-treating, witches, and goblins come to mind, but not necessary gift giving. But do people give gifts on Halloween? Well, if you were unaware, many people actually do - and love getting gifts from their friends and family too.

Down below, we’ve come up with ten ideas for Halloween treats and gifts that'll are frightfully good. Let’s go!

Halloween gift ideas

Seasonal Flowers gifts

With Halloween taking place in the midst of the Autumn Season, It's the perfect time to get those orange Halloween vibes flowing with a delightful special halloween gift flowers delivered by a local florist. Whether they're to brighten up your own home or to treat a loved one, Direct2Florist is your go-to place to send flowers this Halloween.

Black Witch Chocolate Cake

Making a rich, dark-chocolate forest cake for your friends is a fantastic gift this Halloween. Don’t forget to decorate it with witchy edible ornaments, such as a witch’s broom, hat, or even her face.

Pumpkin Salad

This may not be the most expected dish on the menu, but it will most definitely stand out if you brought it to a Halloween party, or served it at your own. In essence, this dish has your regular salad ingredients, plus the flesh of a pumpkin - but this time, your salad bowl is your pumpkin!

Customized Mugs

Gifting your family customizable mugs with funny Halloween quotes and puns such as “Haunting my exes” is an easy way to bring a smile to their face.

Witches Brew Scented Candles

Black scented candles with notes of cinnamon, cedarwood, and amber could be just the thing your friends need in their home this Halloween.

Bat and Ghost Cookies

Who doesn't love sugar-coated cookies? Now imagine them in the shape of bats, ghosts, or even witches. Your loved ones will go crazy for them at a Halloween party.

Halloween Temporary Tattoos

These are a cool idea to add a little edge to your costume when Halloween comes around. Since they wash off after a while, you can go crazy with them on any part of your body.

Trick or Treat Face Masks

One of the best gifts to give, especially in these times, is a customized Halloween face mask. Safe trick or treating is always the way to go!

Customized Halloween Shirts or Hoodies

Since it's fall, and winter will soon be coming, trick or treat hoodies are an excellent gift for family members to use on the nippy days ahead.

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By Miles Warner 08 October 2020