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About Lilies…

Lily flower types




Lilies are a very popular type of flower, of which there are around 100 different species. They come in 8 hybrid types (as well as one classification for true Lily species). Out of all the types of lilies, the Aurelian, Asiatic and Oriental hybrids are among the most popular.


Lilies are prominent flowering plants that have an important role in literature and culture around the world. In Victorian times, lilies were symbols of love and affection for those close to you. Orange lilies in particular also represented love and happiness.

In spite of this, lilies are most commonly seen at funerals. This is to symbolise that the soul of the person having passed once again ‘becoming innocent.’

Lilies come in many different colours. Among all of these colours you can expect to see orange, red, pink, purple, and white. Some lilies also have markings such as brushstrokes or spots.

Lilies flower at the tip of the stem in Umbrels (resembling an umbrella) with tepals (a fusion of sepals and petals) that are reflexed or spread. There is also the nectar at the base of every flower.

Lily flower types

Growth & Maintenance

Lilies tend to flower in late spring or the summer; however, some lilies will bloom in the fall. Lilies also germinate in varied patterns, with the seeds ripening as the summer comes to a close.

The majority of the species can be found in the northern hemisphere, but are also present in the northern subtropics. Originally, they could be found across Europe and the majority of Asia, all the way down to Japan and even as far as India and the Philippines.

Nowadays, lilies are adapted to grassland or woodland habitats. Some of them can be kept in rock gardens, depending on how hardy they are. There are a few types of lilies that can be found in marshland, although they typically thrive in somewhat acidic soils. Despite this, there are some lilies that work better in alkaline soils. The soil used should also be organic and well-drained, with the feet of the lily kept in shade.

They can be susceptible to grey mold when the weather is cold and wet. There are also a number of pests that can cause problems when trying to keep lilies healthy - aphids may spread viruses; red lily beetles, slugs, and snails are also known to do damage. Birds have a knack for picking holes in the buds, too.

There are a lot of plants that bear the name Lily, although they do not actually have any connection with true lilies.

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By Miles Warner 24 September 2020