Working the Web with Sweet Pea Florist in Helston.

Situated in the beautiful picturesque town of Helston in Cornwall, less than 3 miles from the fishing port of Porthleven and its sandy beaches. Lin and her award winning florist - Sweet Pea Helston had been members of Direct2Florist for 2 years. Business was good, the shop was doing well. Lin was thrilled but wanted to give her business the opportunity and the platform from which to grow bigger, better, stronger. With this in mind she realised that a website was the obvious way to go.

“My website had to be e-commerce, especially in this day and age, I loved Direct2Florist as a company and I was already a member, it made perfect sense. The cost of buying a website was a big issue as well and Direct2Florist make having one so affordable. I get great support from Direct2Florist all the time and I like that. It’s so much better than a company who does not give the support and are not willing to find out either… it’s easy to use and customers don’t have any problems. It gets me a lot of work, the more the better, it’s great.

Lin did her research and in doing so recognised that Direct2Florist was definitely the right choice for her and her business…

"Other website providers not only cost so much more, the amount they charge per month can really impact on the money I make; plus I am not convinced they can do any better or get me any more orders than I am getting through my Direct2Florist website.”

Lin Turner - Business Owner at Sweet Pea Florist

Sweet Pea pride themselves on their diversity and variety and the range of what they can offer to their customers … In line with customer demands, Lin gets a delivery of fresh flowers on a daily basis.

"we do natural flowers, bling designs, dried flowers, everything… whatever a customer wants. The website shows us as we are, ‘bespoke’ and customers can see all that on our website. We have a picture gallery for funerals and weddings so it does everything we need it to do..."

Since it was up and running - orders being channelled through are growing steadily and Lin is delighted with her investment…. To sum up Lin stated

“I am really chuffed"

If you’d like to learn more about our member florist websites or are interested in ordering a site with us, please feel free to give Tracey in head office a call for a no-obligation chat. You can also email her on