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Same day delivery on selected sympathy flowers ordered before 2pm.

Direct2Florist is proud to offer an extensive range of Sympathy and Funeral flowers for delivery in the UK. Although not all of our occasion specific range is available for same day delivery; below, we have put together a refined selection of items that are available for delivery on the day when your order is placed before 2pm.

 Order Tied Sheaf SYM-337 flowers

Tied Sheaf SYM-337

Country Style Tied Sheaf Peach & Blue.

 Order Posy SYM-345 flowers

Posy SYM-345

Lilac & White Posy.

 Order Funeral Flowers SYM-336 flowers

Funeral Flowers SYM-336

Funeral Flowers in Cellophane Pink, Green & White.


Why use Direct2florist for Funeral Flowers?

Because we’re experts in flower delivery with decades of experience. It’s not unknown that Funerals can be stressful and upsetting for a grieving family and flowers are a good way of showing support and respect. With a network of flower shops throughout the UK, we offer same day delivery on selected sympathy and funeral flowers to all of the top british locations including, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham and more... pretty much all the major towns and cities are covered. Importantly, we go the extra mile to make sure that nearly all deliveries are completed to remote areas too.

Ordering with Direct2Florist is stress-free. It’s as easy as making your selection and placing your order with the peace of mind that your flower order is in good hands. Our approved member florists always work to the highest professional standard and most are reputable independent businesses with expertise in sympathy and funeral flowers.

 Order Tied Sheaf SYM-339 flowers

Tied Sheaf SYM-339

Tied Sheaf Pink, Lilac & White.

 Order Funeral Flowers SYM-335 flowers

Funeral Flowers SYM-335

Funeral Flowers in Cellophane Purple & White.

 Order Funeral Flowers SYM-334 flowers

Funeral Flowers SYM-334

Funeral Flowers in Cellophane. Yellow.

 Order Tied Sheaf SYM-338 flowers

Tied Sheaf SYM-338

Tied Sheaf White & Green.


 Order Basket SYM-347 flowers

Basket SYM-347

Yellow & White Basket Arrangement.


When it's time to say goodbye to a loved one and you need flowers for a funeral, we know that a beautiful floral tribute can reflect the special connections and memories made in a life well-lived.

Here at Direct2Florist, we know how important it is for funeral flowers to add those heartfelt personal touches to any send-off. That's why we have a wide range of casket sprays, funeral wreaths, and arrangements that can add beauty and meaning to your loved one's special tribute.

In times of loss, we know that organising funeral flower arrangements is likely one of the last things you'd like to do. 

That's why our experienced florists are on hand to ensure every step of the process is smooth, simple, and seamless - even incorporating favourite flowers or colours for a truly meaningful display.

Sending sympathy flowers to bereaved family or friends is also a beautiful and bespoke way to remember a very special person, with an entire team dedicated to making sure that every aspect of your gift is handled with care. From the moment you get in touch, to discussing your choice of sympathy flowers and placing an order, know you're in safe hands.

We can even offer same-day flower delivery to your recipient, with other delivery options such as thoughtful in-person handover at their home or directly to a service with respect - or even personalised letter tributes. 

Our team of local florists understands that your gift can make all a difference at such a difficult time.

So whether you're looking for traditional funeral flowers, such as elegant white lilies, or the perfect arrangement of much-loved blooms, Direct2Florist can arrange the ideal bunch of flowers for you. A popular search might be "Funeral Flowers near me" so that you can find the closest local florist, use the search box above to find your local florist.

Keep them in your thoughts with beautiful blooms 

When it comes to arranging and sending funeral tributes and flowers, it's important to understand that beneath the petals lies a special language that's all their own. 

Flowers have been used for centuries to help convey the most complicated of human emotions, helping you express sympathy, offer comfort - and most importantly, honour the life of that special person who has sadly passed away.

As such, they still play an incredibly important part in funeral traditions and 'celebration of life' events the world over, offering a bespoke way to support and uphold the memory of a deceased loved one. 

In times of grief, they also serve as a poignant reminder of the love and support of family and friends - often conveying thoughts and feelings that are difficult to put into words.

They can be arranged in a variety of ways, from simple bouquets to elaborate wreaths, and can be customised to reflect the personality and interests of the deceased.

Overall, ordering funeral flowers online is a special way of showing love and friendship, which can help create a peaceful and meaningful tribute during a time of loss.

The Meaning of Flowers for Funerals: Symbolism and Significance

The meaning of flowers for funerals is deeply rooted in tradition and symbolism. 

Popularised in the Victorian Era, funerary flowers have roots that have flourished throughout history - with the language of flowers being used for centuries to express condolences and offer comfort to those grieving loved ones.

As such, different types of flowers are often chosen by people and florists alike for their specific meanings and symbolism. 

Beyond this, the aesthetic arrangement and presentation of the flowers can also convey important messages, pulling together favourite colours, blooms and even images to make an outstanding tribute. 

In floristry, funeral flowers are typically selected for their beauty, elegance, and ability to express condolence. 

Depending on the person sending or creating the arrangements (and their relationship to the deceased) - more emotions can be tied into the display, with flowers able to convey heartfelt emotions such as love, respect, gratitude, and remembrance.

Throughout history, various types of flowers have been used in funeral arrangements, with each having its own special symbolic meaning.

But in these modern times, here are just a few that are commonly used by our team of expert florists: 


Lilies are an iconic choice for funeral arrangements. That's because they symbolise the restored innocence of the soul of the deceased, representing purity and rebirth - which is a poignant message for any funeral or tribute.

Of this genus, the white stargazer lily is an immensely popular choice, with its lasting scent and gorgeous flutes drawing the eye in beautiful coffin sprays and bunches.


Traditionally, roses are often used to express love and respect for the deceased, with their agile adaptability making them a firm favourite among florists.

Different colours of roses can have different meanings, and can also be mixed in with other flowers or used in a casket spray, standing spray, or wreath to create profound, layered messages.

The red roses commonly used in funerals typically elicit feelings of love and mourning, making them a popular choice among partners and family. 

The yellow rose is generally given by friends to show a lasting connection, while dark pink roses may be presented as expressions of gratitude for the deceased.


Carnations are a popular and versatile choice for traditional funeral flowers, with their delicate bursts of colour conveying a range of sentiments. These include love, admiration, and remembrance of the person who has passed away and can be tied into bigger displays such as wreaths or pillows.

A staple for funerals is the white carnation, which is often used to symbolise youth, purity, and innocence of the deceased. As such, they are an appropriate pick for funeral flower displays for younger children or babies. 


Chrysanthemums are a common flower used in funeral arrangements in many cultures, as they are powerful symbols of death, grieving, and sadness.

This is especially prevalent in Europe and other Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea, where white chrysanthemum flowers are specially used for mourning - with these bright puffs of colour make a welcome addition to any tribute.


Simple, cheerful and beautiful, daisies are a long-lasting symbol of purity and innocence. Their sunny and charming blooms are a lovely pick for those expressing condolences after a loss, offering comfort and the promise of happier days to those grieving.

They are also versatile enough to be used in wreaths and sprays, making them a handy go-to when crafting displays or a memorable mix of colours.


Coming in watercolour hues of blue and lilac, hydrangeas aren't commonly used to symbolise death, grief, or the passing of a loved one.

But they do represent a myriad of heartfelt emotions, with their recognisable bursts expressing appreciation and gratitude for the memories and a special life shared with the deceased - making them a lovely choice for friends to send.


Another bloom that doesn't necessarily mean death, the Gladiolus represents what we might rely on at sad times: strength and sincerity.

Their triumphant flutes and variety of colours give them a much-needed bit of brightness when things feel down, giving you an excellent opportunity to memorialise the favourite colour of the deceased or simply say, "I'm here whenever you need me".

Choosing the best colours for funeral flowers

In addition to the specific meanings of individual flowers, their colour can also convey important messages in funeral flower arrangements.

White flowers are often used to represent innocence, serenity, and purity, while red flowers are often chosen to represent love and respect. Friendship and happiness can be conveyed through yellow flowers, while elegance and admiration are conveyed by pink flowers. 

Sometimes, the perfect flower for an arrangement isn't always the most elegant or fragrant. It can hold a special place in your memory or could have been a firm favourite of the person who passed. Perhaps your choice of sympathy flower aims to go beyond words. 

Whatever you're looking for - or even if you'd like a little extra help in creating your bespoke bouquet - we're here to make it happen. 

Getting it right with Direct2Florist 

Choosing beautiful sympathy flowers shouldn't feel overwhelming - especially during such a difficult and sad time.

At Direct2Florist, we're just as dedicated to 'saying it right' with flowers as you are, helping you make thoughtful picks when it comes to showing you care when someone has lost someone very special. 

In the end, choosing funeral flowers is a very personal choice that can be influenced by societal and religious customs, individual tastes, and one's relationship with the deceased.

However you want to say your condolences, our team of experienced local florists knows how to put your thoughts into a hand-crafted arrangement. 

Whether that's with a beautiful wreath, personalised letter tributes, eye catching posies and baskets, or stunning sprays, we go the extra mile with each and every tribute we make. 

With same-day flower delivery - even internationally - from local florists available up and down the country, we can go the extra mile to help you send your love, thoughts, and feelings to someone - whether they are here or have since passed on.

How to Choose Meaningful Funeral Flowers: Tips for the Perfect Tribute

However you do it, choosing meaningful funeral flowers is an important and beautiful way to honour someone’s life and express your condolences to their loved ones.

Here at Direct2Florist, we’ve collated a few tips to help you select the right blooms when a loved one has passed.

Consider the personality and interests of the deceased

Flowers are a wonderfully versatile way to show the the personality and hobbies of someone we love - especially when they are no longer with us.

So when selecting funeral flowers, many family members choose to honour their life by letting a bit of their joy ‘bloom’. For example, if they enjoyed gardening, you could pick a bouquet of their favourite flowers, or include the colours of their favourite sports team.

Talk with the language of flowers

As we touched on earlier, several flower varieties have various symbolic connotations - so make sure to choose appropriate flowers that really say what you feel.

However, even if a flower means something special, make sure to be ‘choosy’ when creating a sympathy spray. That’s because overly garish blooms can give off the wrong impression at a more minimal occasion. 

Think of size and space

When it comes to sending a meaningful tribute, there are many different types of flower arrangements to choose from. From wreaths, sprays, and baskets, there is something to suit any celebration of life or funeral - which is why it is important to think about how they will fill the space before making an order. 

Discuss or ask to see the setting where the flowers will be displayed, and choose an appropriate arrangement that fits well with the preparations. That way, everyone can enjoy beautiful blooms while reflecting on their loved one’s memory.

By following these tips, you can choose meaningful funeral flowers that honour the life of the deceased, while providing a bit of comfort to their loved ones.

Etiquette for Sending Funeral Flowers

As with any arrangement of flowers, sending special blooms can come with their own set of rules: whether they are spoken or unspoken. 

Of course, funeral and sympathy flowers can be a heartfelt way to mark the passing of a loved one (especially on such bittersweet occasions) - which means that more consideration and thought should go into the process.

So when it comes to sending funeral flowers, there are some general guidelines and etiquette considerations to keep in mind.


In order to display the flowers during a funeral or memorial service, it is customary to send them in advance. 

Alternatively, you can send flowers to the family's home following the memorial service. This is a lovely way to show your continued support as they navigate this strange and difficult time - after all, there's nothing like a bunch of beautiful blooms to brighten the following days.

Relationship to the person who has passed

When selecting funeral flowers, take into account your connection to the deceased and those close to them. Are you very close? If you are sending sympathy flower arrangements, certain floral displays used for funerals - like casket sprays and crosses - are more suitable for family members, close friends, or acquaintances. 

If you're unsure, your florist can help you settle on an array of flowers that will send the right message while respecting people's boundaries. 

Religious, personal and cultural considerations

Make sure to check if there are any religious or personal preferences that need to be taken into account, as there may be specific traditions and customs surrounding funeral flowers that you need to be mindful of. For example, in Jewish traditions, it is not customary to send flowers. 

You might also consider the personal preferences of the person who has passed and their family. Thoughtful touches such as favourite flowers, colours, or styles can influence your picks and should drive the overall look, feel and even the message that can be added to a gift of funeral flowers.

Saying it with flowers - and a message

When sending funeral flowers, it's common practice to include a message conveying condolences and sympathy for the family - even if it's just a few heartfelt words that let them know you're keeping them in your thoughts. 

No matter what you choose to write on your funeral flowers card, people usually aim to make it concise and respectful. Including thoughtful information such as a special memory with the person who passed is also a lovely touch, giving their friends and family something to reflect on every time they see your beautiful flowers.

Keeping these etiquette guidelines in mind will help you pay respect, write a meaningful tribute, and ensure that your elegant flowers are appropriate for any funeral or celebration of life.


Can I order sympathy and funeral flowers for friends and family in the UK?

Absolutely! Your order can be placed from anywhere in the world and delivered to the UK, as all we require is the recipient's address so we can locate a florist near them, offering in-person or even a same day delivery service to meet your needs.

From here, your gift of sympathy or funeral flowers will be lovingly crafted and sent to your recipient, offering them a token of love and friendship - no matter the distance.

Can I personalise my gift of funeral flowers and add a special message?

We know that the memories of our loved ones will stay with us forever. That's why we always strive to make the arrangements of funeral flowers as bespoke and personalised as possible, creating wreaths, sprays and coffin flowers that reflect their spirit with style and substance.

Your dedicated florist can also include special messages with your tribute, so your thoughts are immortalised in both the language of flowers and delicate script. 

Just make sure to let us know while placing your order, as we'd be more than happy to help.