Congratulations Flowers to say Well Done

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Warm Wishes

Send this vibrant hand-tied featuring a mix of favourite flowers delivered in a delightful gift bag or box is the perfect way to send your thoughts.

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Energise their day with a stunning surprise. A warm collection of seasonal flowers artistically arranged by an artistic florist.

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A Little Something

Show your affection with this mouth-watering mix of classical flowers delivered in a delightful gift bag or box.

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Jelly Bean

This amazing profusion of colour is bound to brighten the dullest of days. A vibrant and joyful floral gift with character in abundance.

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Florist Choice Flowers

Spoilt for choice? Let our experts create something for you. These flowers will be hand delivered by the local florist and often on flowers can be delivered on the same day if ordered before 2pm.

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Inspired by nature, a floral gift perfectly arranged in a container.


Here at Direct2Florist, we've got your back. We know how important it is to give your loved ones the recognition they deserve, and we want to help you make sure you get them something special that brings a smile to their face.

So, when you need to send flowers anywhere in the UK, we can help. We'll work with your local florist to make sure your flower bouquet is delivered on time (and in perfect condition!).

Let us take care of your flower delivery so you can celebrate precious moments without being overwhelmed by the details.

Order the flower arrangement of dreams today for delivery tomorrow.

Celebrate successes the right way with congratulations flowers

Congratulations flowers are a magical way to show someone how happy you are for them, and they're also a great way to express your support and encouragement when they need a token of good luck.

Congratulations Flowers

If you're searching for a thoughtful way to congratulate someone on their big day, a beautiful flower bouquet makes for the perfect gift. From birthdays to graduations and from anniversaries to new babies - there's a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for every scenario. 

We understand that sometimes you need a floral gift right away - that's why we have a team of expert florists standing by to help. With our same-day and next-day flower delivery service, we can get your order on its way in just a few hours.

Celebratory flowers: Which flower types and colours express best wishes?

You want to send the right message when you give flowers. Sometimes, it's that extra thought that goes into ordering flowers that counts. If you're looking for a congratulatory gift with meaning, there are plenty of flower types that can convey optimism, good luck and success in the loveliest way possible.

Red flowers: Red roses are the classic choice for celebrating good news or special occasions, so when someone receives them with a card attached expressing congratulations or thanks, they know that their efforts have been noticed and appreciated.

Yellow flowers:Yellow roses are bright and cheerful, which makes them perfect for celebrating special moments of joy and happiness. They're also often gifted throughout the Spring and Summer months as a way of bringing the outside in. So if there's someone special in your life who deserves a little extra love this year, consider sending a bouquet of yellow roses or sunflowers!

Orange flowers: Orange flowers are a great way to celebrate the start of something new. Whether you're kicking off a new marriage or welcoming a new baby, orange flowers can help you celebrate this exciting time in your life. Orange roses symbolise passion and creativity - they're great for those extra bubbly personalities and creative types! 


Say congratulations on the birth of a new baby with seasonal flowers

It's a joyous occasion when you welcome a new baby into the world, and it's all the more special when you can express your love and support in a unique way.

When selecting flowers to celebrate the birth of a new baby, consider whether or not the baby is a boy or girl, what season they were born in, and what flower represents their birth month. A thoughtful arrangement of these elements will make for a memorable gift that will be treasured for years to come!

  • Seasonal flower bouquets: It's a great idea to pick festive flowers for a December baby, daffodils for a Spring-born child and a colourful flower bouquet of pink and yellow tulips for a Summer baby. 
  • A bouquet of daisies: Fresh daisies are the perfect way to welcome a new baby into their family. The purity of these flowers will bring peace and tranquillity to the new mother, as well as remind her of how pure and innocent her baby is. Daisies are also a reminder that new beginnings are always just around the corner!
  • A fresh bouquet of calla lilies:If you're looking for a flower that symbolises the birth of a new baby, look no further than calla lilies (and white blooms in general). These beautiful flowers have long been associated with christenings and baptisms, but they've also become popular for baby showers and other events surrounding the arrival of a new child.

Graduation flowers for celebrating achievement in style

Let someone know you're proud of them with a vibrant floral arrangement to celebrate their graduation. According to the Victorian language of flowers, there are various types of flowers that embody deeper meanings such as congratulations, achievement and admiration. Consider the meanings of flowers when you shop for a graduation gift that sends a message of pride and honour!

 Here are some ideas for what kinds of flowers to get:

  • Amaryllis and camellia:This flower symbolises pride. It's a great choice if you want to congratulate someone who has just graduated! Purple flowers like these ones are also directly linked with well wishes and accomplishment, there's no better flower type for this occasion!
  • Iris:This bold and beautiful flower can be a great way to show off your graduate's wisdom. A stunning bouquet of iris' is a sentimental gift to convey your admiration for all they've achieved.

 Congratulate the happy couple with a hand-tied bouquet for an engagement  

Your friends are approaching a new chapter in their lives, help them celebrate their new adventure with the perfect flowers. 

If you're thinking of ordering congratulatory flowers, you'll want to pick a bouquet that is bursting with colour, fragrance and joy. You want to send the message: 'I'm so happy for you!'. Here are our recommendations for flowers that convey all the lovey-dovey feelings felt between a newly engaged couple: 

  • Chrysanthemums (or mums):These flowers represent joy, which is what the happy couple will surely feel when they receive your gift of flowers. The bright colours of chrysanthemums will add a pop to any room, and they're sure to impress anyone who sees them.
  • White roses:White roses are a classic choice for engagement bouquets, and for good reason: they're beautiful and always in season. They can be used in any arrangement paired with delicate greenery and some lovely, simple ribbon.

Same-day flowers delivered when you need to send your congrats

This is your chance to show your loved ones that you're thinking of them and appreciate them.

Our same-day flower delivery service is the perfect way to show someone how much you care. Your local florist will craft an arrangement that's guaranteed to make their cheeks blush. 

The process of ordering with us is simple. Choose a bouquet for your special occasion, select a florist and await a hand-tied bouquet of fresh flowers. Want to add a personalised card and some chocolates? Not a problem. Simply add this to your order at checkout.

Congratulations Flowers

When the special people in your life are celebrating a special moment, it’s only natural for you to be happy for them and wish to congratulate them. As a symbol of love and friendship, flowers are globally recognised as an appropriate way to send your congratulations to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. At Direct2Florist, you can send congratulations flowers same day internationally. Available on orders before 2pm with hand-delivery by a local trusted florist in your delivery location.

Our congratulations flower range is filled with a vibrant selection of appropriate flowers, and whatever the occasion the person you are sending is celebrating, we’re confident that we've got the perfect flowers for you to send. Yellow roses, in particular, convey a feeling of happiness, a presence of sunshine and are an excellent choice to send your best wishes!

There are many instances in which flowers are the best way to offer your congratulations. You may be congratulating someone for an engagement or wedding, for passing an exam or driving test, on the birth of a new baby or even buying their first home. Whatever your reason, you can place your order with full confidence that congratulations flowers that are hand-made and hand-delivered by a local florist will deliver your message in style!

The 3500+ local flower shops on-board Direct2Florist are experts in the field. With years of experience in arranging stunning congratulations flowers! The team here at Direct2Florist have been successfully connecting customers to local florists since 1999. With hundreds of thousands of successful flower deliveries under our belt… we are in a prime position to take your flower order!

Go ahead and choose your favourite congratulations flowers now and put a smile on someone’s face...

Happy flower shopping!


How soon can you send flowers?

It’s not uncommon to require last-minute flowers for whatever occasion could prop up. If a baby has just been born, your friend just got promoted or you simply want to send something nice, we’re here to help. Shop for flowers at Direct2Florist and we can assist in finding a local florist with same-day or next-day availability.