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Direct2florist: revolutionising flower sending around the world

Direct2florist is a family-run business that is revolutionising how people send flowers around the corner or all over the world – and how local florists do business.

Thanks to an unwavering commitment to providing florists with best-in-class technology, e-commerce tools and websites, that connect flower senders with tens of thousands of local florists in 22 countries, Direct2florist has rapidly become a class leading gift buying platform.

Developed by florists for florists, with the aim of providing an alternative to the archaic ways of flower sending offered by the big names in the industry – which means delayed payments for florists, lack of fee transparency and large, unmentioned commissions that dent customer value for money – the Direct2florist platform uses technological innovation to deliver fast payments, enhanced customer value and the best possible experience all round.

About us

At Direct2florist, we’re proud to be different. Our family-owned business was set up over two decades ago with one goal – to transform the flower sending market for the good of florists and consumers.

As florists – with flower shops in the North West of England – we had grown increasingly frustrated by the outdated, highly controlling, poor value, commission-based flower sending options available to us. So, we decided to do something about it, setting up Direct2florist to put consumers directly in contact with professional florist shops around the world, in the process giving consumers control of the flower sending process.

“We recognised that both retail and the flower world were changing,” says Simon Stirling, who is now the Managing Director of Direct2florist. “Along with my tech-savvy father John, we decided the best way to do this was through a state-of-the-art digital platform. Having developed a system that fit with our hands-on experience of what florists needed and what makes an exceptional flower sending experience, I took to the road in a beaten-up Ford Fiesta to build relationships with florists and demonstrate the system.”

Our Flower Shop Members Around the world

This system joined together florists who wanted to remain independent and who didn’t want to be dictated to. They didn’t want to be part of the developing and powerful order gathering companies who dictated their stock of flowers and florist sundries and who smothered their artistry and individualism. They did not want to pay huge membership fees and many hidden extras whilst receiving little money for the delivered product. They didn’t want to be delivering flowers for customers who didn’t know that at least 25% of their order value was being taken in commission.

Understandably, the Direct2florist platform found favour. Today, still family-owned, the business has grown to the point where it has a membership of over 1,000+ florists in 22 countries – a number that continues to grow as florists and consumers alike discover the benefits of going direct. Investment in innovation continues, ensuring florists have the best tools that will help them bloom, and deliver the best possible flowers each and every time.

As a result, Direct2florist is a multiple award winner. We’ve scooped the prestigious British Florist Association Flower Sender of the Year and Service Provider of the Year titles a combined 4 times in recent years (before becoming main sponsor of the awards in 2022 to give somebody else a chance!). We’ve also scooped the Feefo Trusted Service Award for customer service. Our award wins in the last.

In addition, we picked up a Barclays International Growth Award in 2021 in recognition of our work to transform flower sending on a global scale, while the People's Choice North West award win in 2021 recognised our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Meet the team

Simon Stirling

Managing Director

Jill Stirling

Account Director

Wendy Rea

Business Development Manager

Zoe Lee

Office Manager

Mason Chan

Lead Developer

Nilesh Madhavji


Alex Fletcher

Digital Marketer

Aaron Wilkinson

Web Developer

Tracey Vernon

Customer Service

Suzy Jefferson

Customer Service

Gemma buckley

Customer Service

Fiona Stirling

Product Development

At Direct2florist we take pride in being family-run. This family feel extends to our team and how we interact with the florists that are integral to the success of our network, and our customers. We treat everybody as if they’re a part of the family – and probably know some of our people better than we do our own aunts, uncles and cousins!

As a result, our team has been with us for longer than they probably realise, meaning they know the flower sending business inside out. Together, we have a combined experience of well over 100 years at Direct2florist, with people like Zoe Lee, our brilliant business administrator, approaching two decades with us.

Why florists are going direct

At the core of everything Direct2florist does is the desire to make life better for local independent florists.

In the rapidly changing world of retail, we dedicate ourselves to supporting independent florists with their go-to-market capability. That means supporting a hybrid retail model. One that champions creativity, personal service and all of the benefits of shopping locally, whilst also embracing the benefits of technology.

Giving independents their independence

The point of independent florists is that they are individual, with a unique collection of products that you won't see anywhere else. That's why Direct2florist will never dictate what florists should be selling. Flower senders can select the shop they want to use based on the individual shop’s product offering and their customer reviews.

What’s more, because florists can set their own prices, and curate, source, and innovate their seasonal, sustainable offering, creativity is very much kept alive while customers get the best value and quality.

Innovation for the digital age

From day one, Direct2florist has utilised technology to make flower sending better – and more convenient. This is underpinned by easy-to-use florist software packed full of features that make running a business easier. An industry-leading florist mobile App further supports business management and enables delivery confirmations and photos of the delivered flowers to be sent to flower buyers. A class-leading website design and delivery service means florists can also capture online business through a shopfront that’s always open.

Recognising that the digital age is also a very visual age, Direct2florist supports its international network with brilliant point of sale materials. Regarded as the best in the industry, the D2F Selection Guide is a florist favourite, while our product imagery and design service – led by experienced florists who still deal with customers day-in-day-out – ensure products remain at the forefront of design and give florists the necessary tools to drive sales.

Design innovation

The Direct2florist design team works tirelessly on product innovation, ensuring the global D2F network is up-to-date and aware of what the hot new trends are. From table-scaping to designing our products for the major flower sending events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, we’re there to support small businesses, using our global scale to monitor and research what’s new and what’s enduringly popular. You could say it’s big-business support for independents.

Working with the industry for the good of the industry

We believe in the collective strength of the independent florist sector. That’s why we are one of the biggest supporters of official trade bodies, including the British Florist Association. Trade associations play a crucial role in promoting best practice. They have a duty to ensure that training and qualifications for their sector are both current and appropriate. They share ideas, organise meaningful events, create connections and make our brilliant industry better. That’s an ethos we share, which is why we’ll always do what we can to support them.

To find out how you can become a Direct2florist member, click here or call +44(0)1204 452 000

Why customers are going direct

At the heart of Direct2florist’s game-changing business model is technology-led innovation. For customers, this means a best-in-class user experience and exceptional value for money.

At the heart of the Direct2florist experience is our specially developed platform, underpinned by our Florist Manager software. By focusing on the customer experience – and what’s missing with the traditional model – Direct2florist has built a class-leading e-commerce process that gives customers control, transparency and unrivalled customer support.

A customer first platform

Flower senders can order in less than two minutes in one click, selecting their preferred florist based on real customer reviews. Once the order is placed, an unrivalled customer support service comes into play, providing contact details, personalised customer support provided by real humans, confirmation of delivery and, where possible, photos of delivered products. That’s a service unrivalled in our sector.

Great service thrives in a world of two-way communication and honest feedback. That’s why Direct2florist invites every customer to submit a star rating once their delivery has been made – that will always be published. We’re confident that our service will deliver the best flowers every time, but welcome transparency and customer feedback. After all, that’s how we continue to innovate and improve.

Local florists, local expertise

The Direct2florist platform connects flower buyers directly with local florists, making same day delivery a reality, even if it’s on the other side of the world, including when customers have specific or complex requirements.

Member Florist - Flowersmiths

All products are made by hand, by skilled professional florists, and hand-delivered by a florist’s own delivery team, meaning flowers will arrive in top condition every time, beautifully packaged for maximum impact. There’s not a tatty brown cardboard box, nor a hurried delivery driver, anywhere to be seen.

Local florists also bring local knowledge. They know where to source the best quality flowers locally. They know local funeral directors and funeral locations, ensuring funeral flowers get to the right place. They know local traffic conditions, meaning orders are delivered on time, every time.

Value for money

Ever ordered flowers for someone special and felt there should have been more blooms for your money? You’re not alone! That’s why Direct2florist is here. Unlike the traditional big-name players in the flower sending sector, Direct2florist provides a unique new way to order, without transparent fees and more money ending up with the florist than you they would get on orders placed via the big names.

Supporting quality and innovation

Unlike the traditional flower sending firms that dictate how much local florists sell their products for – with no regard for local variations in premises costs and flower supply – Direct2florist allows member florists to set their own prices. This supports product and design innovation, while also ensuring fair wages can be paid to staff, helping more local businesses to thrive. It also ensures Direct2florist customers receive flowers that match the latest home interior and design trends.

What’s more, by ensuring florists can set their own prices – and that they receive a greater proportion of an order’s flower value than from other ‘established’ names, it means more flowers in every bouquet and a commitment to only use top-graded flowers and growers. Higher grade flowers are healthier, stronger and therefore tend to stay fresher for longer, further enhancing Direct2florist’s value for money ethos.

By supporting local florists, it also means they can continue to provide the exceptional levels of service and design that transform life’s big events. Imagine a wedding, funeral or corporate event without flowers from a florist? Nor can we!

Flowers Delivered

The social value of going direct

The UK independent florist sector is estimated to be worth approximately £1bn to the UK economy every year. Yet, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, changing retail habits and the might of large retail chains means this value is shrinking year-on-year. This has an impact on the 20,000 plus people employed directly by the profession, not to mention those in the supply chain.

When sending flowers through one of Direct2florist’s member florists, the benefits will extend beyond receiving brilliant flowers…it will also be making a positive impact to a local business and its wider community.

Small businesses are agents of social change. They provide jobs, skills and training for those furthest from the labour market including young people and older workers. Local job creation will be supported as florists provide valuable employment and training to local residents of all ages and from all backgrounds. Apprentices, supported by florists, offer a welcome alternative to more formal education for many young people, backed up by the numerous colleges that offer professional floristry courses. Such is the value of this training that the UK is a leader when it comes to the World Skills floristry competition.

Thriving local florists attract other small businesses, providing the catalyst for place-based change that we can all benefit from.

Connect with us and benefit from going direct

Are you a flower delivery, gifting, concierge or corporate business looking to add the ability to send flowers around the world for delivery by local florists? Want to benefit from the revolutionary Direct2florist platform? Maybe you have a network of florists operating as part of your group and would like to connect with Direct2florist? Then we would love to connect with you.

At Direct2florist we are always looking to connect with forward-thinking businesses who want to take advantage of the best that technology can offer and build business. We have multiple ways that we can help you send floral gifts, with our developers ready to provide everything needed to get up and running super-fast – including via a simple API or an effective order form.

To establish API connections with local florists worldwide on the Direct2florist platform contact Simon Stirling. Email webteam@direct2florist.com or connect on LinkedIn. Simon’s profile can be found here.