Growing together

When Daisy Chain Flowers in Warrington opened its doors five years ago, little did they know just how big an influence online ordering would have on the business. Today, working closely with Direct2florist on its online presence, approximately half of all business is generated via the internet.

“When we opened we wanted more business and to work with a relay company that would help us get our name out there and Direct2florist provided that opportunity,” according to Liz Marshall and Darren Bradshaw, owners of the family-run business. “We’ve been with them for over four and a half years and it’s fair to say we have grown together, especially online, which is working really well for us.”

Daisy Chain’s website – – is a bespoke site built for the florist by the team at Direct2florist, which Darren says is now generating 50% of all business. “It’s brilliant. I knew online business would be important to us, but I had no idea just how important it would be. It helps us tap into a new, younger audience who do everything online now, rather than visiting the high street like the older generations do.

“A major positive for me is that it’s really user-friendly. I can easily tweak the content and add new products, while Direct2florist take care of the mechanics in the background, which means we get the best of both worlds. We have a website that looks the part and it offers customer loads of choice when it comes to products, which is a major plus for us.”

Valuable support

Liz points out that the support the business receives from Direct2florist is just as important to in-shop business as it is online.

“A good example are the brochures and product photos produced for the peak periods such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. They send stylish literature out to all of their members, which helps us to sell in-shop, while the seasonal products are automatically added to websites. We’re in business to sell and make money – Direct2florist makes it easy for us to do so."

“We used to be an Interflora member too, but quickly got disillusioned with losing money. Some months we lost money, so we decided to hand our notice in and focus on Direct2florist. We haven’t looked back since as we’ve found it easier for our customers to order from us, they receive better value for money and we’re not running round doing all the dirty work for somebody else’s benefit. The work we put in is for our benefit.”

Darren adds that the excellent Direct2florist extends to the customer service team – when support is needed it’s always there. “Nothing is too much trouble. Help is always available, whether that’s a query about our website, a customer has a special request or we need to get in touch with another florists. We feel like a valuable part of the team.”


Liz concludes by saying: “When we opened up we started from scratch – we didn’t take over an established business – so we really have grown with Direct2florist. That’s a huge positive and you can’t ask for more.”

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