Funeral Bouquets (Traditional Style)

 Order Funeral Flowers SYM-334 flowers

Funeral Flowers SYM-334

Funeral Flowers in Cellophane. Yellow.

 Order Funeral Flowers SYM-335 flowers

Funeral Flowers SYM-335

Funeral Flowers in Cellophane Purple & White.

 Order Funeral Flowers SYM-336 flowers

Funeral Flowers SYM-336

Funeral Flowers in Cellophane Pink, Green & White.


Wrapped funeral flowers in cellophane

Put quite simply - a beautiful collection of seasonal flowers tastefully arranged and wrapped in clear or coloured cellophane finished with a tie of ribbon or raffia. When ordering sympathy flowers near you and funeral flowers for a loved one, a simple funeral bouquet of seasonal flowers with a classic timeless presentation is a perfect choice. When you want to make an expression of heartfelt loss, why not allow the florist to choose the finest flowers of the day to send to the funeral. Seasonal, fresh funeral flowers and in the best condition to create a stunning and perfect bouquet, in tribute and memory of your loss. Flowers wrapped in cellophane need minimal input from the florist and therefore you can be assured that value for money will be higher and with little or no reduction for making up the bouquet. That aside, people can of course spend as much as they want on sympathy flowers in cellophane and the florist will create whatever you have in mind in the colours and or flowers, special to you and your memories. Similar to a wrapped bouquet, a beautiful hand tied funeral sheaf or a funeral basket is equally as beautiful and a perfect funeral tribute In reference to their simplicity, it is a reasonable expectation to be able to order ‘some’ funeral flowers for delivery on the same day or most definitely the next day.

Ordering 'gift wrapped' funeral flowers in the UK

Ordering sympathy flowers for delivery through Direct2florist will make sure that the flowers you order will be professionally looked after and delivered by a high street florist. An independent florist local to the delivery address. Order the best sympathy flowers in seasonal varieties or in a particular colour scheme pertinent to your loved one, evocative of a particular memory or very simply in their favourite colour or flower variety. Flowers with thought and attention to detail with style and flair delivered to the address of your choice. Best sympathy flowers near you for next day delivery to the funeral director. Send sympathy flowers to place with the deceased prior to the funeral. A flower card will be attached detailing you as the sender's name and a personal message from you to your memory of the deceased. These are generally collected up and the next of kin or a close family member will be asked to take charge of them for sharing with other family members. Funerals are such emotional times and often it is only later that the family may feel up to reading the outpouring of personal messages from friends, family, neighbours and colleagues of the deceased. A huge source of comfort for the remaining family just like the sympathy cards received. A physical memento still there long after the flowers have gone. Real and tactile with heartfelt messages that can be turned to again and again when grief remains palpable and raw. Memories shared of a love now lost. Whether your choice of funeral flowers is a wreath, a funeral heart, a funeral pillow or cushion, ordering through Direct2florist will ensure that the flowers delivered for your loved one are beautiful and perfect for one of the saddest of occasions.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 What is the difference between a funeral bouquet and a gift bouquet?

There is little difference between a funeral bouquet and a gift bouquet in general. The difference would usually be down to the colours used to make the tribute. Often somber and muted colours would be used for a funeral bouquet however customers may opt for bright colours in tribute to the deceased's character, personality or favourite colour. It really is just a personal choice.

Q2 What kind of flowers are suitable for funeral flowers in cellophane?

In creating a gift wrap of flowers, long stemmed varieties are generally used with suitable complimenting foliage. As a gift wrapped bouquet is traditionally flat by design, shortened or shorter stemmed flowers would be used at the front of the bouquet