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 Order Wreath SYM-321 flowers

Wreath SYM-321

Classic Wreath in White.

 Order Wreath SYM-317 flowers

Wreath SYM-317

Classic Wreath with Mixed Flowers.

 Order Wreath SYM-315 flowers

Wreath SYM-315

Classic Wreath in Peach & Green.

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Wreath SYM-314

White Massed Wreath with Red Rose Spray.

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Wreath SYM-316

Classic Wreath in Purple & White.

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Wreath SYM-319

White Massed Wreath with Blue & Yellow Spray.


Funeral wreaths UK for delivery by local trusted florists

Wreaths are a timeless and powerful symbol of emotion.The circular design of the wreath is said to be symbolic of eternal life. Wreaths have always been a popular choice for afuneral flowersfor close family members and even close friends. Available in a range of sizes and styles, open and closed. Classic wreaths are circular in shape with an open centre and can be mixed coloured flowers or a solid colour. Sprays and mounts in complementary shades can be added onto the wreath creating a more personalised tribute.Order through your local trusted florist to be sure of a personal service ensuring the end result is exactly what you want. At times of high emotion, your local florist will listen to your requirements and use their talent, skill and expertise to create exactly what you have in mind to produce that perfect floral tribute for your loved one. You may reconsider and prefer to order a beautifulteardrop sprayor afuneral posyor if your relationship was particularly close then afuneral heartor double funeral heart may be the perfect choice.

Sending a funeral wreath

Funeral wreaths traditionally travel with the deceased in the hearse to the funeral venue. Your local florist will create the perfect tribute and deliver the flowers fresh and in perfect condition to look their best for the day of the funeral. Funeral wreath prices vary and are dependent on the size and type of wreath you prefer. Maybe you would prefer a beautiful single ended funeral spray or, depending on your relationship with the deceased, a heart shaped wreath may be more suited as your tribute to a deep loss of a loved one.

The choice of flower variety also makes a difference to the cost as it stands to reason that a sympathy funeral wreath made entirely of roses would be more expensive than a mixed flower variety wreath. When you are looking for funeral wreaths near you, ordering through Direct2florist you can be confident that whatever your choice of funeral tribute is, it will be hand made and hand delivered by a local florist.Your choice of wreath, coffin spray or a hand tied funeral sheaf will be sure to receive the best of care from an amazingly talented florist. using the best flowers to be in optimum condition on the day of the funeral. When there is a particular request for an addition to the wreath such as thistle or a ribbon; your local florist will do their utmost to source just what you want. When the funeral is a cremation, funeral sprays and wreaths, along with other floral tributes such as funeral letters or funeral crosses, will be placed in a designated area for viewing by the attendees to the funeral. If the funeral is a burial however then the funeral wreath will be laid on the grave with the other floral funeral tributes from attendees to the burial.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 - What is a funeral wreath?

A funeral wreath is a floral tribute sent in remembrance of the deceased person. Circular in shape and with an open or closed centre. Massed wreaths can be adorned by a spray or mount in contrasting or complimentary flowers. Symmetrical wreaths similarly can be personalised further to your requirements. Funeral etiquette states that wreaths are usually the tribute of choice from a spouse or partner, children, parents or maybe even extended family such as brothers and sisters and their respective families

Q2 - What are the different types of funeral wreaths?

Funeral wreaths are typically circular in shape and open or closed. Created with a personal choice of flowers and foliage in a solid colour or a mixture of flower varieties in different colours. Heart shaped wreaths are also a popular choice but only close family members would send these types of tributes or any funeral flowers intended to adorn the casket or coffin.