Heart Funeral Flowers & Arrangements By UK Local Florists

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Heart SYM-323

Full Heart of Elegant Red and Green Flowers.

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Heart SYM-324

White Massed Heart with Yellow & Purple Spray.

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Heart SYM-325

Open Heart in Pink Shades.


Funeral Hearts & Heart Shaped Wreath Tributes

Wreaths are a timeless and powerful symbol of emotion.The circular design of the wreath is said to be symbolic of eternal life. Wreaths have always been a popular choice for a funeral flowers for close family members and even close friends. Available in a range of sizes and styles, open and closed. Classic wreaths are circular in shape with an open centre and can be mixed coloured flowers or a solid colour. Sprays and mounts in complementary shades can be added onto the wreath creating a more personalised tribute.Order through your local trusted florist to be sure of a personal service ensuring the end result is exactly what you want. At times of high emotion, your local florist will listen to your requirements and use their talent, skill and expertise to create exactly what you have in mind to produce that perfect floral tribute for your loved one. You may reconsider and prefer to order a beautiful teardrop spray or a funeral posy or if your relationship was particularly close then a funeral heart or double funeral heart may be the perfect choice.

Funeral Flowers Heart Tributes

A floral heart wreath is a deeply personal statement. It is indicative of a deep seated love and a shared bond between the deceased and the closely bereaved. Just as the conventional circular wreath, the continual shape with no breaks can be symbolic in the belief of perpetual or eternal life. When ordering your heart shaped floral tribute through Direct2florist, you can be sure that it will be delivered by a local florist. An independent florist who will see the process through to the end. From sourcing the specific flowers and colours, creating the tribute and then delivering the flowers on the same day as the funeral. Customers can be confident that the florist will create a beautiful floral tribute to your specifications testimony to the love you have lost and the relationship you shared. The death of one half of a close relationship is a devastating loss and a popular choice of funeral tribute are double heart funeral flowers depicting two hearts joined together forever. On the passing of a close family member, a popular choice may be one of letters spelling out SON or flowers spelling the name of the person.Open heart funeral tributes are also very popular and can also be created as a double open heart tribute. Equally popular funeral tributes can be funeral letters or funeral crosses for a beautiful symbol of faith Local high street florists by nature of their business develop close working relationships with local funeral directors and can take much of the stress away for you and can arrange delivery to ensure the flowers are on site at the right time for the funeral. It's always best to give as much notice as possible for a floral funeral heart tribute delivery especially if you are requesting specific flowers and colours and then this allows the florist time to order the flowers in time to make the tribute up in good time for the delivery.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 Who would usually send a heart funeral tribute?

The person who would send a heart tribute would usually be a person or people close in relationship to the deceased such as a spouse, partner or close family member

Q2 Are heart shaped funeral tributes expensive?

As with all funeral flowers, prices will vary depending on the size of the tribute and the kind of flowers used. Hearts vary in size the same as wreaths and can be open or massed by design.