Funeral Sprays - Coffin Spray Flowers

 Order Single Ended Spray (Pink)  flowers

Single Ended Spray (Pink)

Tasteful pink single ended spray. A beautiful funeral tribute including pink lilies and pink roses.

 Order Single Ended Spray SYM-307 flowers

Single Ended Spray SYM-307

Multi Coloured Single Ended Spray.

 Order Single Ended Spray SYM-301 flowers

Single Ended Spray SYM-301

Red & White Single Ended Spray.

 Order Single Ended Spray SYM-303 flowers

Single Ended Spray SYM-303

Pink Single Ended Spray.

 Order Single Ended Spray SYM-305 flowers

Single Ended Spray SYM-305

Red Rose Single Ended Spray.

 Order Single Ended Spray SYM-302 flowers

Single Ended Spray SYM-302

Yellow & White Single Ended Spray.


Funeral flowers sprays, hand delivered by a local florist in the UK

When you are looking for a funeral tribute - a fresh flower funeral spray is a perfect choice for a loved one. Funeral sprays for the casket or coffin, traditionally placed on the coffin and therefore best delivered directly to the funeral director. Whether it's Funeral sprays for a lady or funeral sprays for a man, both can be personalised in whatever way you choose using a particular flower variety in any colour. Hand made and hand delivered by a local florist in time for the funeral and ensuring that when they are delivered they are done so to be at their most beautiful for the day of the funeral. When choosing funeral sprays prices vary from florist to florist and are dependent on a number of things including the flower variety, colours and size required when ordering through Direct2florist you can be sure of the local florist delivering beautiful flowers befitting to the occasion and a beautiful tribute to a relationship mourned. As well as beautiful funeral sprays, our dedicated talented florists can also create a stunning funeral wreath in the flowers and colours of your choice, or you may like to consider a cross funeral tribute or a funeral heart.

Ordering funeral baskets from local florists

The loss of a loved one is difficult enough but can be easier to bear when you can send a beautiful spray of flowers. Funeral flowers that are always handmade and hand delivered by a local florist. Flower sprays for funerals are traditional, classical and can make a personal statement from you and testimony to your connection to the deceased. Tributes just as beautiful are funeral posies and a classic funeral cushion signifying eternal sleep. Good times now over but thoughts and memories that will last forever. A beautiful display of soft fresh vibrant flowers placed against the hard polished exterior of the casket.

Funeral casket or coffin sprays

Funeral sprays are available in a range of sizes from a dainty 2ft single ended spray upto a full length double ended spray designed to cover the entire top of the coffin. A floral tribute such as a spray is sure to make a heartfelt statement on a day filled with deep emotion and memories. So too would choosing and sending funeral sheaves, funeral baskets or simply funeral flowers in cellophane. A casket bathed in the most beautiful of blooms fresh and fragrant. Florists working closely with local undertakers will liaise with the funeral directors to ensure that the flowers are delivered in a timely manner to be at their best for the day of the funeral.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 - What is a funeral casket spray?

A funeral casket or coffin spray is usually the main floral tribute at a funeral. A flat backed floral tribute designed to be placed on the top of the coffin. Casket sprays are generally the focal floral tribute from the immediate, closest family members such as partner, parents, children or the family as a whole

Q2 - What size should a coffin spray be?

Coffin sprays come in a range of sizes and can start from 2ft upto the full length of the casket depending on its size. A medium coffin spray would usually cover at least 2 thirds of the overall length depending on the size of the casket carrying the deceased.

Q3 - What are two types of casket sprays?

There are two types of casket or coffin sprays. Single ended and double ended sprays created in fresh flowers of your choice. Usually longer stemmed flower varieties would be used and they are designed to lay on top of the coffin. Created in a range of different styles, flower varieties, colours and sizes, to suit individual requirements. One is a teardrop shape, whereas the other is symmetrical.