Sheafs - Funeral Sheafs Delivered By Local Florists

 Order Tied Sheaf SYM-337 flowers

Tied Sheaf SYM-337

Country Style Tied Sheaf Peach & Blue.

 Order Tied Sheaf SYM-338 flowers

Tied Sheaf SYM-338

Tied Sheaf White & Green.

 Order Tied Sheaf SYM-339 flowers

Tied Sheaf SYM-339

Tied Sheaf Pink, Lilac & White.


Floral Sheaves for funerals

A sheaf of seasonal flowers expertly put together and tied with ribbon or raffia - is a simple yet classic statement to send to a funeral. Popular due to their simplicity and ‘just picked’ or ‘country style look’ sympathy flowers. Perfect to send to a funeral or as sympathy flowers to the family of the deceased. An environmentally friendly alternative to choosing funeral flowers in cellophane. A funeral tribute with a more ecological or ‘eco-friendly’ approach. Funeral Sheaves, funeral baskets, funeral posies and wreaths all can be ordered in the flowers and colours of your choosing. Generally speaking, flowers for funerals are often in pastels or subtle shades but this is completely down to personal choice. Traditionally flower varieties and colours have specific meaning and representation and this can be important however more prevalent at times of bereavement and loss and when choosing which flowers and colours are appropriate to send. An important factor to also consider is what relationship you had to the deceased. When in doubt, pastels or subtle shades are always a safer option for your choice of funeral sheaf. When considering the cost of the funeral flowers you wish to send, a hand tied funeral sheaf is a tribute which offers better value for money simply by the way it is made up and presented. Prices will differ depending on the flower varieties you choose and the size of the sheaf to be made.

Order a funeral sheaf

Ordering through Direct2florist you can rest assured that the flowers you order will be handmade and hand delivered by a trusted high street florist. Talented and independent florists who have a close working relationship with the local funeral directors.This ensures that you can be confident that any information and details they have are accurate for the funeral for which your flowers are intended. Having access to up to date and pertinent information on the funeral means the florist can ensure they make time to source the flowers you have requested in the colour you have chosen. A beautiful sheaf of flowers, funeral baskets, and funeral wreaths, are all hand made and hand delivered to the funeral director and placed with the deceased in good time for the funeral. Naturally tied funeral sheaves are not generally delivered in water and the florist will therefore ensure that they are delivered in optimum condition ready for the day of the funeral. Hand tied funeral sheaves in an array of seasonal flowers needing minimal input by the florist means greater value for money with little or practically nothing taken off for makeup and definitely no unnecessary paper or packaging. Simply beautiful flowers, a stylishly tied sheaf, tastefully presented. Funeral sheaves are a perfect funeral tribute and fitting for the solemnity of the occasion, or when the statement you wish to make is one to mark a relationship lost with the style and simplicity a hand tied funeral sheaf will surely provide.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 What is a funeral sheaf?

A funeral sheaf is not dissimilar to a bouquet but tends to be open by design, with a simple tie to hold the flowers in place. People who prefer the ‘just picked’ look rather than a handmade bouquet may opt for a funeral sheaf as an alternative to a regular cellophane wrapped bouquet.

How much do funeral sheaves cost?

A funeral sheaf will vary in price depending on the flowers chosen and the size of the overall tribute. Choosing seasonal or value flowers would essentially make the cost much less than choosing high end flowers such as lilies or roses