The freedom to add flair and creativity.

The team at The Green Room Florist in Ilkley are passionate about what they do – with the family-run business proud to say that they ‘live flowers, bouquets, plants, petals, stems, wreaths and everything in between’. They can and do talk flowers all day!

The Green Room has a long and proud history of business – as well as an enviable reputation built on delivering floral designs packed full of flair and style, using the freshest possible flowers. Maintaining this reputation is one of the reasons why the business made the switch from Interflora to Direct2florist just over a year ago.


“It was the best decision we’ve ever made,” says Gill Lambie, one of the co-founders of the business.“There are a number of reasons why I say that. The first is that you get paid on time. Another is thatthere’s help at the end of the phone, which we never got before. You were simply left to get on withit on your own – if you had a problem you had to sort it yourself. If you couldn’t find a florist in thatarea, tough. The team at Direct2florist is also really friendly, which makes a big difference whenyou’re working closely day-in- day-out. All of these reasons help us to deliver a high-quality service toour customers.”

Gill goes on to add that the shop is also benefitting from the tools made available by Direct2florist, such as the selection guide, D2F delivery app and, of course, the dedicated page on

“It’s good that we can put our own designs onto our page – although we could be better at doing it!– which helps to drive sales. It’s wonderful that it’s not set in stone what flowers or sundries youhave to use. When we were with Interflora you had to have all of these sundries, which were nevercarried forward to the next collection. We were always left with a load of items that you can’t use.Money isn’t tied up.

“The freedom we now have is wonderful. While we get that the design has to look similar to the pictures on the website, you can add your own style. We’ve ended up with lots of comments saying that the bouquet we’ve delivered is better than the picture, which is obviously good for business. We felt that we were painting by numbers before, especially at busy periods. It was like a production line. You can spot an Interflora bouquet a mile away – we benefit from being able to stand out and use our creativity – which is why we became florists in the first place!”

Online Presence

The Green Room is successfully growing online sales with the help of Direct2florist. The shop’s page on the D2F site is embedded onto The Green Room’s site – – allowing online orders to go through smoothly and efficiently, without having to build and maintain a costly ecommerce function.

“Online business is important to us, so it makes sense to use the Direct2florist service – it’s an easy way to sell online,” explains Gill. “However, having the strong online presence also boosts our telephone orders. We have a lot of people who see us online, browse through our products and call us to order. The page gives customers, including existing ones, something to choose from.”

Gill concludes by saying: “We’re very happy with Direct2florist and I would really recommend them over any other relay company. As I said earlier, joining was one the best decisions we’ve ever madehere at The Green Room.”

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