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Luce Loves Flowers

Crispin Hall, High Street, Street, Somerset, BA16 0EZ, UK

Luce Loves Flowers


Crispin Hall, High Street,
Street ,
Somerset ,
BA16 0EZ

About Luce Loves Flowers:

Luce Loves Flowers creates rustic & wild country style flowers with a loose just gathered from the garden style with added texture and interest. Hand tied, wrapped in paper and beautifully presented,whatever the occasion. Flowers created with love. Come say hello...I love talking flowers x

Opening Times:

9:30am - 4pm
9:30am - 4pm
9:30am - 4pm
9:30am - 4pm
9:30am - 4pm

We deliver flowers to:

  • Aller
  • Ashcott
  • Ashcott Corner
  • Asney
  • Babcary
  • Bagley
  • Baltonsborough
  • Barrow
  • Barton St David
  • Beckery
  • Beer
  • Berhill
  • Bleadney
  • Bowdens
  • Bramwell
  • Brindham
  • Burcott
  • Burford
  • Burtle
  • Burtle Hill
  • Buscott
  • Butleigh
  • Butleigh Wootton
  • Callow Hill
  • Cary Fitzpaine
  • Catcott
  • Catsgore
  • Catsham
  • Charlton Adam
  • Charlton Mackrell
  • Chilton Polden
  • Compton Dundon
  • Coxbridge
  • Coxley
  • Coxley Wick
  • Curry Rivel
  • Dinder
  • Dundon
  • Dundon Hayes
  • Easton
  • Easton Town
  • Edgarley
  • Edington
  • Glastonbury
  • Godney
  • Greinton
  • Greylake
  • Greylake Fosse
  • Ham Street
  • Havyatt
  • Haybridge
  • Heath House
  • Hembridge
  • Henley
  • Henton
  • High Ham
  • Hornblotton
  • Hornblotton Green
  • Huish Episcopi
  • Hurcott
  • Huxham Green
  • Keinton Mandeville
  • Keward
  • Kingsdon
  • Kingweston
  • Langport
  • Latcham
  • Launcherley
  • Laverley
  • Littleton
  • Long Load
  • Long Sutton
  • Longstone
  • Lottisham
  • Low Ham
  • Lower Godney
  • Lydford Fair Place
  • Lydford-on-Fosse
  • Marshall's Elm
  • Meare
  • Middlezoy
  • Moorlinch
  • Mudgley
  • Northover
  • Nythe
  • Othery
  • Overleigh
  • Oxenpill
  • Panborough
  • Parbrook
  • Park
  • Pathe
  • Pedwell
  • Pibsbury
  • Pict's Hill
  • Pilton
  • Piltown
  • Pitney
  • Plot Gate
  • Plot Street
  • Polsham
  • Portland
  • Portway
  • Pylle
  • Redlands
  • Sand
  • Shapwick
  • Somerton
  • Somerton Hill
  • Southtown
  • Southway
  • Southwood
  • Stawell
  • Steanbow
  • Steart
  • Sticklinch
  • Stileway
  • Stone
  • Stout
  • Street
  • Sutton Mallet
  • Theale
  • Upper Croxley
  • Upper Godney
  • Walton
  • Wearne
  • Wedmore
  • Wells
  • West Bradley
  • Westbury-sub-Mendip
  • Westcombe
  • Westhay
  • Wheathill
  • Wickham's Cross
  • Withial
  • Wookey
  • Wookey Hole
  • Worth
  • Yarley

Where to find us:

More About Luce Loves Flowers & History

Rustic & slightly wild country style flowers full of texture and gift wrapped in a tissue lined Luce Loves paper bag.

Flowers with personality, hand tied with love.

Come say hello....I love talking flowers x


Rustic & wild country style with lots of texture & beautifully presented.

Location & Delivery

Crispin Hall,



BA16 0EZ

Florist Choice Flowers Florist Choice Flowers

Spoilt for choice? Let our experts create something for you.

Suggested Flowers - Let the florist choose the most beautiful blooms of the day. Presentation, style your choice! *Fine Print: Every bouquet is hand made and delivered by the local florist. Pictures shown are recent examples of an actual arrangement that were designed by talented florists and later sent out to a customer just like you! Please note that each individual florist cannot guarantee what the flower varieties or colors will be, they do guarantee that your specific arrangement will be fresh, beautiful and that your recipient will love it!

£30.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Rosy & Random Rosy & Random

Eclectic mix of luxury blooms!!

£30.00 including delivery Add to Basket

The Joyful Bunch! The Joyful Bunch!

A joyfull mix of pretty blooms wrapped in brown paper and perfectly packaged in an aqua pack with a tissue lined presentation bag.

£40.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Vintage Chic Vintage Chic

Classic & chic

£30.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Wild & Wispy Wild & Wispy

Rustic mix full of texture

£30.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Luce Loves Classic Luce Loves Classic

A classic hand tie with texture garden foliage and cream, soft pink blooms

£35.00 including delivery Add to Basket

In The Doghouse!! In The Doghouse!!

Say sorry with flowers!

£30.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Flowery Jug Flowery Jug

An aged zinc jug of flowery loveliness, varying mix of flowers, herbs & foliage all hand tied. A beautiful gift.

£35.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Luce Loves Hand Tied Luce Loves Hand Tied

Luce Loves paper wrapped florals

£30.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Tied Sheaf Tied Sheaf

A soft & country style selection of flowers & garden foliage wrapped in brown paper and finished with a rustic bow. Classic country style.

£35.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Rose Heart Rose Heart

A solid heart of classic velvety roses with contrasting garden foliage. Classic and full of romance.

£125.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Floral Coffin Spray Floral Coffin Spray

A simple & elegant cream toned spray with simple garden foliage garland draped around creates a soft country garden style. Most suited to wicker coffins.

£225.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Country Heart Country Heart

Soft & natural country style open heart with flowers and garden foliage. Beautiful & romantic

£85.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Mossed Heart Mossed Heart

An open heart covered in moss with flower and foliage detailing.

£50.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Rustic Wreath Rustic Wreath

Elegant & chic

£65.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Country Wreath Country Wreath

A beautiful country style wreath of soft pastel shades with garden foliage & herbs.

£65.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Mossed Letter Mossed Letter

Simple mossed individual letter with floral detailing. Can be made into tribute names. Natural garden style. 1ft

£40.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Floral Letter Frame MUM Floral Letter Frame MUM

A vibrant pink palette with garden foliage & herbs creates a soft feminine, pretty arrangement. 3ft long.

£150.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Cascading Casket Spray Cascading Casket Spray

A beautiful country style cascading floral spray with garden style trailing foliage that falls gently around the casket. Soft and natural style in colour and texture.

£150.00 including delivery Add to Basket

Rose Coffin Spray Rose Coffin Spray

A red rose coffin spray with garden foliage. Elegant & classic.

£175.00 including delivery Add to Basket