From Simon's desk - Yearly round up, 2016

Dear D2F Universe,

It's been a year of change at D2F, in truth, we are moving forward faster than we ever have before. We have had many conversations this year with lots of florists, the feedback received has helped us to forge our path with renewed energy and enthusiasm. For this I would like to thank the BFA and the organisers of the BFA! "florist get togethers." The meetings have been enriching and enjoyable. Its been a joy to meet and get to know so many experts of our industry - the florists.

Our "fresh thinking" emails have arisen from what we have learned during these discussions. Essentially, a bunch of ideas, tips & tricks packed with proven methods for a flower shop to thrive and survive. I hope you have found these emails to be as thought provoking and illuminating as I have. If you missed any - please click here. Fresh Thinking.

2016 has also been a year in which we have worked hard to make improvements to our products. We have a new selection guide ready for the New Year, with brand new product images. Early feedback from members who've seen it says it's a huge improvement on everything that's gone before. We are aiming to provide local florists with class leading point of sale materials that every independent florist can be proud to show. Click here to view the New Selection Guide

The Direct2florist website has been given a significant update and now boasts a bucket load of new technology designed to increase conversions. We've seen a 9% increase in conversion in November 16, so we're looking forward to seeing more customers converting on the website in 2017.

We are moving! In January 17 D2F moves to great new offices. Bigger, lighter and better prepared for growth in 17 and beyond. The new environment will provide a smashing place for the team to work in. I'm looking forward to growing the team too. We'll be welcoming our florist members to come and see us in our new digs, so please pop along any time you wish to say hello. In the new place we have a professional photo studio enabling us to grow the product range. I'm happy that, after all these years, we are now achieving the expected standard of product range and have found a signature D2F style.

It wouldn't be right to finish up without making a special mention to my dear late Mum & Dad who both very sadly passed away this year. As many of you may know, D2F is a family business started by myself and Dad. Many of you may know my Dad from his Clarity days from way back in 1997 and then our Florist2florist days. Words cannot describe my loss. We carry on in the good name of my Mum and Dad. "Onwards and upwards."

So, we're are looking forward to a bright 2017 with lots of exciting plans centred around providing tools, services and promotions for local florists. Our goal is to bring more business back to flower shops.

All the very best for a prosperous New Year

Simon and Team