Valentine's Day One Liners to Help You Out !

Struggling to find the words? Direct2florist has researched some short messages to help take the pressure off. We have selected our favourite one liners and compiled them to make sure you stay cool on this fluster filled day.

"To my 50 shades with all my love"
For all the lovers of the imminent movie soon to hit the screens.

"Roses are red violets are blue flowers are lovely but not as much as you"
You can't go wrong with short rhyme - always a winner!

"From your not so secret admirer"
For those who clearly are not a secret this year!

"You're the CSS to my HTML"
For the computer lovers out there!

"You're the No.1 trending topic in my heart! #iloveyou"
Twitter geek? Try this one!

"You're the unexpected item in my bagging area!"
Perfect for that shopaholic this Valentine's.

"Brie mine!"
You can forget the cheesy one liners!

"All you need is LOVE but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt"
Chocolate lover? Match this quote and some delicious chocs for a match made in heaven.

"Mario is red, Sonic is blue, Will you be, My Player #2"
Is your lover a gamer? Put a smile on their face with this one!

Not forgetting "?" Keep it simple and keep them guessing this year.

Use these one liners this Valentine's for Guaranteed success with your special someone, we hope to have helped the preparation for this special day but if you more of a last minute person don't miss out on our Valentine's Offers on our website. Direct2florist.

Red Roses for Valentine's