Top 5 tips for picking the perfect petals

There’s always a reason to send flowers, and sometimes, you don’t even need one at all. But, whilst ordering flowers online is one of the simplest yet loveliest things you can do for someone, it’s always best to put some thought into the purchase before you click that button.

Over tea and biscuits in our office here at Direct2Florist, we asked our team members to come up with their top tips for customers wanting to pick the perfect petals.

1. Sense the occasion

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to send flowers. But, if you are indeed sending for a specific occasion or to express a certain feeling (love or loss, celebration or sympathy, thanks or thoughts), it’s important to have a quick think about what message your choice of flowers might convey. A dozen red roses to your boss to say thanks for the promotion...? You may want to prepare for the office rumour mill to go into overdrive for that one! It’s always safer to check with an expert, so seek the opinion of your trusty florist.

flower petals

2. Know your budget

Take some time to do a little bit of research around what you can get for your money. As with most things in life, some variations of a product are more expensive than others, and flowers are no exception. A great florist will work to your budget to make sure that you get an arrangement that packs a punch in the bunch you pick! Ask your florist for options to suit your pocket. There are loads!

3. Know your recipient

Whilst it’s a nice theory that everyone loves flowers and will be nothing less than wowed by your thoughtful delivery, that’s not the world we live in, friends. Though it takes some of the shine off proceedings, it’s worth checking that your recipient does indeed like flowers, and if so, if they have any likes or dislikes. We don’t exactly want to talk you out of buying flowers, here, but it’s important that you get exactly what you need. Do some research. And, if you can’t speak directly to the recipient, speak to your florist for some help.

flower petals

5. Put your trust in a great florist

I don’t know if we’ve already mentioned this one… oh, we have? Florists aren’t just flower people – they’re people people, and they’re absolutely ‘on it’ when it comes to occasions. What’s fantastic about ordering your flowers through one of our independent florists in the Direct2Florist family, is that after they’ve responded to your requests, they’ll send you a photograph of the creation they’ve put together for you. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting – or rather, what your loved one will be getting.

flower petals

Ordering through the Direct2Florist network is simple, secure and sure to put a smile on the face of your chosen recipient. All of the independent florists who join our family are as carefully picked as the flowers they delvier, so should you place your trust in us and place your order, we know that the good ideas, options and advice you’ll receive will prove exceptional value for money.
This blog is just the start of it – we hope it helped!