Hello from Tim Huckabee, President of FloralStrategies

An Introduction from Tim

Hello from New York! My name is Tim Huckabee and I am the President of FloralStrategies. I am thrilled to have been invited by Simon to begin contributing to the FreshThinking weekly update, exclusively for D2F members.

You may recognize my name from earlier this year when I collaborated with D2F to bring you the Valentine's Day and Mother's Day Bootcamp webinar workshops. If not, here's my story… I worked at a high-end retail flower shop in New York City in the early 90s and learned every aspect of the business. I left in 1997 to start FloralStrategies, the world's first only company dedicated solely to empowering retail florists with the best sales, customer service and business skills. My team and I typically travel to a shop to do this training (and I have visited dozens of shops from Aberdeen to Brighton). We also conduct regular webinars and I write columns for several trade journals. There are over 5000 retail florists on three continents who have seen an immediate and permanent double digit increase to their average sale by following the FloralStrategies principles. And you can too!

Starting this month, I will share a basic element of my programme each week. Print it and discuss the concept with your staff. All that I ask is that you keep an open mind and try it. The results will dazzle and astound you. I promise.

Please share any comments, feedback, or ideas for future installments by email to tim@floralstrategies.com

Article written by Tim Huckabee, FSC – Floral Strategies