Support the high street. Support local.

With the technological boom of recent years dominating many retail industries, it’s no surprise to see a decline in high street shopping. The high street has been the lifeblood of towns and communities for generations, providing specialist services, craftsmanship consumer products, leisure and more for over 200 years.

And yet even now, certain expertise and experience cannot be digitally transcended; Local floristry for one is a prime example of an artisan trade defined by its high standards, creativity and good old-fashioned customer experience.

The popularity of online buying is difficult to ignore and the way people now use the high street is forever changing. Yet the high street continues to maintain its resilience. Local businesses know that they must evolve and be adaptable to modern purchasing, but in the end, they still require the support of the consumer to buy from them.

When it comes to certain products, consumers are looking for quality and experience. Sending flowers should always be about experience and making your recipient feel special and this is something that most online flower sending companies to choose to compromise with.

Jan Ramsay & Team, Oasis Florist. A local florist in Jersey.

Rather than taking flower orders as a ‘means to end,’ Direct2Florist chooses to put ‘the local florist experience’ at the forefront of our offering. From the choice of the florist’s own flower ranges, through to the confirmation of hand-delivery to your recipient, Direct2Florist makes the online experience of buying from local florists… as easy as buying from a local florist in-store.

When you send flowers with a local florist through Direct2Florist, you’re not only doing what you set out to; which was to make your recipient happy; but, you’re also supporting a local florist, and as such, you’re supporting the high street.

So, the next time you need to send flowers, think Direct2Florist. Send flowers and support local florists. It’s a win-win.