Mantra 4 of 4 = NEVER Apologise for Prices

Mantra 4 of 4=NEVER Apologise for Prices

Have you ever had a mechanic apologise for the cost of a new set of brakes? Nope. Ever heard your hair stylist say "Sorry" for the cost of a new, trendy haircut? Probably not. It's laughable when you think about those scenarios but florists are the only PROFESSIONALS on the planet that apologise for doing their job! Insane but true.

Here's what happens… A customer sees a new flower on display in your shop that has not been priced yet and asks for the cost. You respond with, "They're £5 per stem" and your customer FLIPS OUT. And you instantly say, "I'm sorry BUT…." You need to stop that reaction immediately (if not sooner!) because you are ruining your business and damaging the industry every time you apologise for prices. An apology for what you charge perpetuates that stereotype that florists are a rip off and customers think, "Well, it's too dear here, I'll just nip into the supermarket and grab some there" Furthermore, your defensive, apologetic reaction gives customers the green light to expect or ask for a 'better' price!


Don't apologise for prices, educate customers instead. For example, "Yes, those are a fiver per stem because they're out of season now and we're importing them from New Zealand" Sometimes that bit of education opens a customer's eyes and helps them to understand the cost. If there is no reaction you can continue with an alternative, "Of course we have other beautiful flowers in that same colour at different price points"

Resist the urge to say "Sorry" and customers will respect you more – and maybe even spend more!

Article written by Tim Huckerbee, FSC – Floral Strategies