INSIGHT #11 - Internet Takeover

Dear Florist,

Calling ALL florists! Let's get on this! Together we can beat a million pound marketing budget!!

The BFA are spearheading a SUPER imaginitve campaign that has the potential to TURN the INTERNET RED with Valentine's Day Flowers!

Here's the BFA announcement

Florist friends throughout the UK...

We are under great pressure with Valentine's sales and whilst we individually can't compete with the cash advertising budgets of Moonpig, Asda, Tescos and alike, we can make a heck of an impact together, show the difference when you buy from a professional florist, get across the value of our own work and influence consumers through the country!

Let's show a united front and all do our bit with this innovative suggestion, that all florists can get behind.

We all know our florists grade flowers better than those from any Tom, Dick or Harry, along with all the other things that set's us apart! Now, let's get all 4000 or so florists shops on Facebook from Friday 10th February working together in a movement!

HERE'S THE PLAN - Cameras at the ready!!!!!!!

Upload images or videos to Facebook, from Friday 10th of


The van full & being unloaded, piles of boxes, piles of fresh flowers


Florists conditioning the roses, the full buckets! The sea or roses! The team at work!


Florists making the handties at different stages: starting, finishing, wrapping, adding the bow, filling with water, putting in a giftbag.

As well as: funny shots - you and all your colleagues collapsed in a heap!? Hands with plasters all over them! The sea of bouquets ready to be collected & delivered. The vans and vehicles lined up ready for deliveries to begin. Happy customers collecting their flowers. Customers receiving roses from the driver with delight!

People love to be a fly on the wall, see what happens behind the scenes - let's show them the effort we put into making their valentines flowers so stunning! What makes us the experts - the undoubted professionals, we're not just flower sellers we're florists - let's be proud and show the difference!

These are just some suggestions, please put up your own image ideas too, but - LET'S TURN FACEBOOK RED THIS VALENTINES!

PLEASE REMEMBER... On facebook post please




We are all in this fantastic industry and our strength is our diversity, no images will be the same yet, the fact we produce different styles is a beautiful concept, and shouts the message we tailor-make every bouquet by hand!

Please start posting from Friday onwards and as many times as you like, not only will you be sending out a strong message to your local customers, but together we can build up a storm.

Let's turn facebook red this valentines and every florist in the BFA can proudly state they are a member and part of our great trade organisation. Together lets bring floristy home.

Message from Simon

BRAVO BFA - what a great idea. Hope to see thousands of florists posting!!!!!! At D2F we'll be liking and sharing away too! PS the photos are of my sister Fiona picking up flowers from Gerard Van Bohemen (Bohemen Flowers)

Simon Stirling and the Direct2Florist Team