App Update for D2F Member Florists - Version 3.2.2 Now Available!

(September 30th 2022) We have exciting APP update news. A new version 3.2.2 is now available and it includes some fantastic new features including - (1) post to social media straight from the App, (2) enter & edit local orders, (3) facility to order selection guides.

Share your Just Delivered Flowers

(1) Post to social media straight from the App

One of the great things about being a florist is that every order creates a beautiful photo opportunity. The trick is how do you make most of the opportunity? Well, as you know the App already enables you to send a photo back to your customer when you tag as delivered & this helps you get more 5 star reviews.

But now, the App also sends the same photo with a Share button - enabling your customer to share the photo on their social media platforms (facebook, twitter, pinterest) for them to show their friends and followers that they have ordered flowers and supported a local business. The post carries the words "I just supported a local florist and they delivered these beautiful flowers" and of course the post includes a link back to your shop.

Share Social Media Post

As we all know; shares can be shared - and we are already seeing photos being posted by customers and then shared by their followers. Imagine the influence if you deliver for someone with thousands of followers and they share your pic- you never know... (Magic!)

Whats more - you can share the photo to your own social media channels - enabling you to promote to your own followers as well. Next time you take a photo using the D2F App - when you tag it as delivered - you'll automatically see a new Share button - which means you can share the photo to your Social media channels with the message "Here is a picture of some lovely flowers I just created and delivered for one of our customers" The post includes a link to your page.

With one click in the App you now have the opportunity to grab a bit of space on your customers social media - and have them promote you and of course promote on your own social media. We hope lots of you get started on this - every post includes a link back to your page meaning customers can contact you or order online. Let us know how you get on. Remember it all starts with a photo taken using the App.

How do I do I share pics to my social media?

1. Take a photo using D2F App
2. Tag as delivered as normal
3. In the D2F App for that completed order you will now see a new Share button on the screen

Remember, the Share button only appears IF you have taken a photo.

And what about my customers?

For your customers its even easier - when you tag as delivered, your customer receives an email including pic, on the same email is a new Share button for them to publish the pic on their Social Media which includes a clickable link back to YOU.

(2) Enter and Edit Local Orders in the App

You can now enter local orders into D2F App. Why do this? The app sends customers a professional email receipt, you can take a photo of the flowers, you can tag the order delivered (which requests a review and helps you gain more 5 Star reviews) - your local orders will have the facility to post to social media.

(3) Order your funeral & greetings guides straight from the App (UK Members Only)

New section on the menu in the App - POS Supplies - click this and you can choose to order things such as selection guides, funeral guides, swing signs, house of sarund chocs, sticker print, dojo connection.