Should I Send Flowers to a Girl?

You want to send flowers to a girl but are not sure what to send - or even if it's appropriate. Here's our guide of dos and don'ts when sending flowers.

Send Flowers for Love

Get personal with the message!

It's very tempting to send your Girlfriend the lyrics of her favourite song. We all know Britney Spears Hit me One more time is a great track, or Ed Sheeran's thinking out loud has great lyrics - but our advise is DON'T DO IT! The girls in D2F office swear this is just too cheesy. They would prefer to receive a meaningful heartfelt message of your own words - no matter how short!

Don't be too keen!

We know what it's like - you've had a blinding first date. Or you just met a girl you really, really like. You might think the best thing to do is to surprise her with a bunch of flowers. Well our office girls have ONE thing to say - DON'T DO IT! It's too keen and possibly a little desperado! No, the timing is essential - get the timing right and your bunch flowers can work wonders. The girls in our office estimate the best time to receive flowers in a new relationship might be after the 2nd or 3rd date. So, our word is - don't go too soon. Be cool, considered and get your timing just right - she'll think you're truly awesome!

Prove your listening!

Are you listening? Or are you distracted? Because we reckon a guy who's really paying attention can score a thousand brownie points IF he proves it! Has she mentioned a flower she likes? A mentioned a scent or perfume? If so bring on the charm and send her a bouquet of that particular flower. A classic little note such as "Your Favourites x"

Guys - Be Spontaneous!!!

Look, your girl might expect (as in really want!) flowers on her Birthday, at Valentine's Day or on an Anniversary. And, that's nice - but if you're going to do this PLEASE make sure your sending real quality flowers from a real florist. A cheap bunch from the corner shop will not cut it guys. No way! BUT, lets get back to business. You are wondering whether to send flowers to a girl for no other reason other than the fact you really like her. Well you know what? Our girls all absolutely AGREE a surprise bouquet sent spontaneously WILL definitely surprise / please / delight your girlfriend. So you are feeling amorous? Pick up the phone or order online - send some flowers! You won't be disappointed.

A definite DO NOT DO THIS!

Bad news. You've split up. But Guys suck it up. The word in our office of ladies is as follows - DO NOT SEND FLOWERS after a break up. No no no. In any case they'll likely end up in the bin.

In Summary

Briefly here's your checklist

(i) Be Spontaneous
(ii) Don't be overly keen or too soon
(iii) Send a heartfelt message

Ofcourse if you wish to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers - click here to buy from a real local florist. Send a delivery of Roses