Eco Funeral Flowers - Delivered With Care By A Local Trusted Florist

 Order Eco Spray SYM-352 flowers

Eco Spray SYM-352

Single Ended Spray on Biodegradable Base.

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Eco Heart SYM-353

Classic Heart on Eco Base.

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Eco Wreath SYM-354

Open Style Wreath on Eco base.


Eco-friendly funeral flowers

Ecologically ‘eco’ friendly - by definition this would be a flower tribute created using materials which are not environmentally harmful. eco-friendly funeral flowers use biodegradable packaging and therefore are least harmful to the environment. Most funeral tributes can be created ‘eco-friendly’ but it would be wise to give the florist notice so they can be adequately prepared. If being eco-friendly is important to you or it mattered to the deceased then it's an added comfort to know that local florists can hand make and hand deliver biodegradable funeral tributes including eco-friendly funeral wreaths and sprays for delivery to eco-friendly funerals. It stands to reason that the way that the world is progressing with a goal for everything to be better, greener and much kinder to the environment. Funerals are just one area where the options open to consumers have changed dramatically. Ecological and environmental experts are working constantly, researching and pushing for changes which are much kinder to the world we live in.

Ordering eco-friendly funeral flowers

When you are looking for eco-friendly funeral flowers there are many options to choose from. Flowers are naturally biodegradable so any flower varieties and foliage can be used to create a beautiful natural coffin spray. If it's a freshly picked country style funeral bouquet you would like then a beautiful eco-friendly sheaf would certainly fit the bill, just beautiful flowers artistically arranged and secured with raffia or string. Ordering eco-friendly funeral flowers from Direct2florist you can be sure that a professional talented florist will take care of your needs and wishes. A high street florist with a love of flowers and nature, not a corporate production line churning out flowers in unnecessary packaging which would go completely against the ideology and morals of anyone considering themselves to be environmentally aware and living with those beliefs. Flowers to mark important occasions are as old as time and every event we experience and go through as humans can and is usually marked with a gift or offering of flowers. Whilst floral gifts can be traced as far back in history as is possible, biodegradable funeral tributes, foam free floral tributes and eco-friendly flowers in general are the future.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 Which funeral flowers are eco-friendly?

By definition - eco-friendly means not harmful to the environment. Flowers by their nature are fully perishable and a biodegradable commodity. In keeping with the eco-friendly nature they would have to be prepared, wrapped and presented in a way that is also deemed to be environmentally friendly.

Q2 Who would you send eco-friendly funeral flowers for?

If your relationship with the deceased means you have some knowledge of their beliefs and ways of living and they seemed to live in an eco-friendly manner. It would make sense to send eco-friendly flowers to pay tribute to them and acknowledge your relationship and acceptance of their lifestyle.