It’s true – you really can say it with flowers!

When it comes to Mother’s Day we naturally gravitate to give the gift of flowers to those maternal influences in our lives as a way of sharing our feelings and love.

As the popular saying always reminds us that we can ‘say it with flowers’, here at Direct2Florist, we had a bit of a think about all the things our floral creations might say to our mums.

“Let’s celebrate!”

Seeing as everyone else is celebrating their mothers on Mother’s Day, it’s probably a good idea to celebrate yours, too. Nobody likes to be overlooked or left out! Don’t forget that when you make your order through one of our family of florists (yes, there’s still time), you can add a card with the message of your choice, too!

flower petals

“Thank you!”

There’s always a reason to say thank you to your mum – and not just because she probably called you ungrateful throughout your teenage years. Mums never stop looking out for us, and they’re the reason we’re the happy flower-buying souls we are today, so let’s go ahead and say thank you, and do it in the prettiest and sweetest smelling way possible.

“You’re amazing!”

Mums really are amazing, aren’t they? Sure, we may have to spend many a lost hour teaching them how to use the internet properly, but hey, they taught us how to use a spoon, so they really do need appreciation for having the patience of the proverbial saint everyone goes on about! Flowers make people feel great, and it’s impossible not to smile and feel good when you receive them, so send your mum some flowers, and give her that amazing feeling as you do.

flower petals

“I’m sorry!”

This is a big one. If you really think about it, you probably have something you need apologise for to your mum, even if it’s not from recent times.

Sorry for always hitting your brother with beanbags when you were 5.

Sorry for treating your mum’s house like a hotel when you were 15.

Sorry for not calling to say you got home okay… when you were 35.

There’s always something you probably need to apologise for, and if you can’t think of anything, just ask mum! She’ll tell you!

“I didn’t know what else to get you!”

We’re all thinking it! It really is hard to know what to buy for your mum on a day such as Mother’s Day, though – especially when it’s likely they’ve repeatedly told you “not to get me anything”. Flowers can be ordered to suit all styles, all tastes and all budgets, and the great thing about ordering flowers online is that it’s simple, quick, and if you’ve left it until the last minute, you can usually still place an order for up to 24 hours before delivery!

Don’t forget that you can say any or all of these things to any special lady in your life who you think of ‘as a mum’. The stepmums, the foster mums, the grandmothers, the mums in law, the aunties you used to run to when you were arguing with your own mum, your friends’ mums… even the dads who’ve always been a mum to you, too. Tell them that you care, and order your flowers today. Let’s get some conversations blossoming!