Sending roses through Direct2florist for delivery by local florists

Sending flowers is a timeless gesture, and among the vast array of flowers available, roses are undoubtedly a timeless classic and a customer favourite. With Direct2florist, you can effortlessly send roses to your loved ones, making special occasions even more memorable. By connecting you with a network of local independent florists, you can trust that your chosen bouquet will be hand-delivered with care and attention to detail. Thanks to the customer-friendly Direct2florist online ordering platform, you can browse a wide range of rose arrangements and select the perfect bouquet that suits the occasion and the message you want to convey.

 Order Sweet Romance flowers

Sweet Romance

A bouquet of mixed beautiful roses is sure to create a lasting impression.

 Order Roses & Ruffles flowers

Roses & Ruffles

Pink Roses and Carnations make this gift timeless and classic

 Order Kissing Booth flowers

Kissing Booth

Who could resist you after receiving this selection of the beautiful red roses matched to the finest seasonal foliage.

 Order Strawberry Twist flowers

Strawberry Twist

This sweet arrangement of roses with carnations and foliage to compliment. Your recipient is sure to be overjoyed at such a heartfelt statement.

 Order Ace of Hearts flowers

Ace of Hearts

Two dozen gorgeous red roses with a peppering of gyp and green. The definitive star of the show when it comes to flowers for loved ones. PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR SAME DAY DELIVERY

 Order Secret Whispers flowers

Secret Whispers

This luxury arrangement of flowers in a stylish Hat Box will be remembered for a long time!


Throughout history, roses have been associated with different meanings. Understanding the symbolism behind each colour can help you choose the perfect rose to convey your intended message. For example, the classic red rose is the universal symbol of love and passion. It signifies deep affection, romance, and desire. A bouquet of red roses is ideal for expressing your heartfelt emotions on anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or any occasion where you want to convey your love.

Pink roses, meanwhile, embody grace, elegance, and admiration. They are often associated with appreciation, joy, and gratitude. White roses represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings and are often used in weddings as they symbolise eternal love. Yellow roses are associated with friendship, joy, and happiness. They symbolise warm and positive feelings, making them an excellent choice to brighten someone's day or express your gratitude towards a close friend. This makes them a popular choice for thank you flowers. Finally, orange roses symbolise enthusiasm, passion, and energy. They convey a sense of excitement and are a great choice to celebrate an achievement or to show support and encouragement to someone embarking on a new venture.

Sending roses through Direct2florist enables you to express your affection and emotions in a meaningful way. By understanding the symbolism behind each colour, you can choose the perfect rose bouquet to convey your intended message. Whether it's a romantic gesture, a token of appreciation, or a celebration of friendship, roses have the power to convey your sentiments beautifully. With Direct2florist, you can ensure that your chosen roses are delivered with care, making your gesture even more special.