Funeral Cross for on the Coffin

 Order Cross SYM-329 flowers

Cross SYM-329

White Massed 120cm Cross with Red & Blue Spray.


A strong universal representation of faith a hugely symbolic floral statement, especially at times of bereavement, funeral flower crosses are likely to be larger in design with an overall look of symmetry. Typically funeral flowers for on top of the coffin or casket but always in a prominent position. These types of funeral flowers are ordinarily sent by the family or very close friends of the deceased. They can be created in the flowers of your choosing and in colours to suit. Designs vary but would either be massed in a solid colour, adorned with a spray or mount of flowers in complementing shades.You may prefer flowers in a loose design or a country style cross, stylish and definitely designed to make a statement to the memory of a loss suffered. Funeral crosses are available in a range of sizes and therefore prices would change accordingly. 3ft funeral crosses, 4ft funeral cross tributes and 5ft funeral crosses are three popular sizes ordered for funerals. Covering the top of the coffin, a double ended spray would be equally stunning and just as effective. Being able to order cross funeral tributes, heart tributes and wreaths through Direct2florist and ergo a local florist is so important, more so when the flowers are intended for such an emotional occasion and essentially are the last gift from you to the cherished memory of your loved one.

Ordering Funeral Flower Crosses UK

Ordering through Direct2florist guarantees that an independent local florist will look after the flower order and not only personally hand make the funeral cross tribute but they will also carry out the delivery for you. Whether you choose a funeral cross, a double ended spray or a beautiful open or massed wreath. Any personal requests ? simply include them in your order and the florist will do their best to include them in the design. So if you want one single rose or maybe thistle included or a particular colour of ribbon, add it to your instructions and leave the florist to work their magic and bring your request to fruition.Their skills and knowledge will ensure that they create a beautiful funeral tribute. Their knowledge of funeral etiquette will ensure that your tribute to the deceased will be a beautiful fitting memorial and designed according to your instructions.The close working relationships that they enjoy with local funeral directors ensure they will have all the pertinent information necessary. This will ensure that they source flowers in good time for the tribute to be made and then subsequently deliver in a timely manner. Whether your choice is a funeral cross, funeral basket or a beautiful funeral sheaf, their floristry expertise will ensure that the flowers which you ultimately choose to be in your chosen tribute will be in the best condition possible and open perfectly for a look of style and elegance. Funeral flowers such as funeral flower crosses, funeral letters, funeral pillows and cushions are generally delivered straight to the funeral director ready to be placed with the deceased for their final journey. Flowers to be placed and displayed on or with the coffin; for mourners and the attendees of the funeral. Wooden funeral crosses are available to order but it is advisable to give plenty of notice for the florist to have time to source one specific to your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 How big are funeral crosses?

Funeral crosses begin at around 90cm (3ft) length from top to bottom and are available upto around 150cm (5ft) Generally speaking a funeral cross would be created as a main floral tribute and placed directly onto the coffin / casket. Prices will vary depending on which size is chosen and the type of flowers used.

Q2 Can I send a cross tribute to any funeral?

By definition, a cross is a symbol of faith and as the main funeral tribute, crosses are generally sent by close family members. As a universally recognised religious symbol it would be best to keep this in mind when making the best choice and most fitting or appropriate funeral flowers for the deceased.