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Teddy Bear SYM-356

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Children's Funeral Flowers

Few things can beat the beauty of a flower basket, versatile, stylish and timeless. Suited to send for any occasion, no more so than funerals. As classic as a funeral wreath, posy of funeral flowers or wrapped funeral flowers. Traditional, classic and tailored to your requirements. Baskets vary in size, types and colours but for a funeral tribute you cannot go wrong with a traditional wood coloured woven basket. Long or short handled, trug style, shallow or deep. The flowers you choose may have some bearing on the type of basket which would be best suited for the funeral tribute you would prefer. This could be discussed with the florist directly when ordering the flowers you want. One of the advantages of a basket arrangement is their longevity therefore if the funeral is a burial then the flower basket can be placed on the grave with other floral tributes which may not last as long. A family member may want to keep hold of a beautiful funeral basket to place in the home as a longer lasting funeral memorial. A basket would be equally suited to send as a sympathy gift to the bereaved family as much as a specific funeral tribute. Wicker funeral baskets are popular and could be deemed as an eco-friendly funeral tribute.

Beautiful flowers at times of sadness

Bring beauty into the saddest of occasions with a gift of beautiful flowers. There simply are no words, there is absolutely nothing that we can do, but a thing of beauty like flowers will bring a little sunshine into the darkest of storms. Children's funeral flowers, funeral pillows for children, flower baskets for babies are something none of us want to buy but when we find ourselves in this saddest of situations we want to send the best funeral flowers available to pay tribute to the tragedy of such a devastatingly sad loss. When ordering children's funeral flowers through Direct2florist you can be sure that a talented caring florist will take good care of such an important funeral tribute. If you are looking for baby funeral flowers near you, beautiful flowers for a baby boy's funeral or delicate funeral flowers for a baby girl in the UK, choose a high street florist where you are guaranteed that personal touch.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 Who would send flowers for the funeral of a child?

As with any funeral, choice of flowers can be determined by various things. Your relationship to the deceased and your relationship to the parents of the deceased child. A whole community can be upset at the death of a child but it is not always appropriate for anyone and everyone to send flowers to the funeral.The loss of a child is probably the worst bereavement anyone would have to cope with and extreme sensitivity should be considered throughout.

Q2 What kind of flowers do you send to a child's funeral?

White flowers are symbolic of peace and a popular choice for funeral flowers for anyone. Flower arrangements or funerals n soft pinks, purples and blues are an alternative and a more colourful visual reminder of a loved one taken far too soon.Smaller blooms can seem more suited to a floral tribute for a child but can still be used to create a bigger tribute such as a floral teddy bear, flower angel or something more personal to the deceased.

Q3 What flowers do you give when a child dies?

Lilies are an extremely popular choice when selecting flowers for a funeral and can send a very particular message to the bereaved. Another option would be a different flower variety with other significance to the deceased or in reference to their given name. Eg funeral flowers for a child named Rose or Lily