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D2F Florist Manager - Main Screen

Amaze yourself and your customers

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of Direct2Florist is D2F Florist Manager – the brilliant software package that comes FREE with membership.

The software offers florists two products in one:

  1. Send orders from florist to florist – perfect for relay orders
  2. In-shop software that allows full management of customer databases, local orders, emailing of customers and much more

Designed for florists

Designed by florists for florists, we have included a huge range of features in D2F Florist Manager, all designed to help make the order-taking process more efficient and professional – whether those orders are local, relay or incoming internet orders from the Direct2Florist website.

What’s more, D2F Florist Manager has been designed with easy to follow screens, big buttons and helpful question and answer screens. This means every florist, whether used to computers or not, will feel at home.

D2F Florist Manager - Delivery Screen

Build your own customer database

By entering all orders into Florist Manager, you can easily build a database of customers that you can then use for marketing purposes. The software allows you to easily email customers with newsletters, pre peak-period communications and much more.

Easy order confirmation

In an industry first, florists can use D2F Florist Manager to enter local orders and send customers a confirmation of delivery email once the order has been completed. All the florist needs to do is get the customer’s email address and then tag the order as delivered once order has been completed, in the software. The system will send an instant courtesy email to the customer confirming delivery has taken place and inviting them to star rate the service. Reviews are published on the Direct2Florist website for other customers to read.

D2F Florist Manager - Florist Screen

Notification of incoming orders

When an order is sent to you for completion, you will receive notification by email and an on-screen pop-up with an audible alert, making it almost impossible to ignore incoming orders. In addition, as an extra safety net, as part of the service here at Direct2Florist, any orders not quickly picked up will prompt one of our team to ring you.

D2F Florist Manager - Orders Screen

All orders in one place

When Florist Manager is used for all orders, a handy view orders feature allows all orders to be viewed in one list, making housekeeping easy. At a glance, all orders for the day are shown.

Multi-user software

A much-loved feature of our software is that it can be used on as many computers as required, even in different locations. Florist Manager uses the internet to network seamlessly, meaning you can use it on multiple machines in one branch and even in multiple branches. All you need is your unique username and password to install and get connected. The Florist Manager software can be used on both PCs and Macs.

Access anywhere

As well as being able to access Florist Manager through computers where the software is installed, you can also log in through (or your local D2F site). Simply click on the "Log in" icon on the top right hand corner. Whilst you wont be able to access all features of the software with this option, it offers the flexibility to access your account wherever you are in the world at whatever time you want.

Picture library

Within the software is a completely FREE to use picture library helping florists promote themselves to the flower buying public with professional studio photographs. Dip into the ever-growing library and choose from a wide selection of bouquets and arrangements. There are lots of designs and styles on offer, meaning there’s sure to be lots of pictures ideal for your flower shop.

Contact us for more information

If you have any questions regarding D2F Florist Manager we’d be happy to talk to you. Call 01204 452000 or email

Ways to receive orders

At Direct2Florist we want to take the hard work out of receiving orders. We have multiple ways to receive orders.

iPhone App & Android App

At Direct2florist we thrive on providing excellent service for customers and florists. Research tells us time and again customers LOVE being kept up to date with the status of their order. Hence we have developed the D2F Delivery App. We strongly recommend all members use this app. Features include

(1) Push Notifications to your Android/iPhone
(2) Accept/Reject orders
(3) Initiate payment
(4) Take photo of the Flowers
(5) Tag as delivered - the App emails the photo to your customer and invites a review

This APP will greatly INCREASE your chance of receiving a 5 STAR review. We recommend all members take advantage of this easy to use technology.

How do I get it? - Search 'direct2florist' in the Google Play or App Store

Google Chrome Extention

Download Direct2florist Chrome Extension to enjoy the following benefits:

(1) Pop Up Alerts of Incoming Orders
(2) Audio Message
(3) Number of Orders Highlighted in Top Right Hand Corner
(4) Quick Access to D2F Florist Manager

Download Direct2florist Chrome Extension to enjoy the benefits of a web based notifier. Incoming orders are pushed to the extension meaning users receive a audio message and a pop-up notification. Note the notifier only works when your Chrome Browser is running.

How do I get it? - Vist the chrome webstore and search 'direct2florist' or click the link here

D2F Notifier for PCs

The Direct2florist Notifier is an executable program you download and install. Once downloaded it lives in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (amongst your tray icons.) It is only available for PCs (not available for MAC) The D2F notifier pops up, prints (optional) and beeps upon an incoming orders.

It makes a very distinctive sound! The limitation is it should only be run on one target PC - ie the PC in the shop.

How do I get it? - Click here to install the D2F Notifier:

D2 Florist Control Panel

This is Direct2florist's fully functional quick send page. Use this login to manage your page on D2F, send florist2florist orders nationally and internationally. Its quick and easy!

D2F Florist Manager

Direct2florists unique software comes complete with Florist2Florist functionality including full UK cover and full international cover. The software includes order entry, customer database building, email receipts for customers and much more.

How do I get it? - Click here to login to D2F Florist Manager:

Contact us for more information

If you have any questions regarding D2F Florist Manager we’d be happy to talk to you. Call 01204 452000 or email

D2F Florist Manager - Free Delivery App

Share the joy with the amazing Delivery App

After many months of development, Direct2Florist introduced a smartphone app last year that is designed to enrich the customer experience when sending flowers.

Sending flowers to family and friends in a far flung corner of the country or overseas has always meant taking something of a chance, with consumers trusting their order to a random florist they don't know. Even with Direct2Florist’s approach of letting the customer choose their florist shop, there was still a worry about the quality of the flowers delivered.

However, all that has changed thanks to the innovative new Direct2Florist Delivery Manager App being adopted by Direct2Florist members across the globe.

The app, which works on iPhones and Android smart phones, allows delivery drivers to take a photo of the flowers that are to be delivered in the shop and, if the recipient allows it, when the flowers are delivered, with the photos emailed to the flower sender. The app also allows the driver to tag the order as delivered, giving customers further peace of mind that their order has been delivered on time.

"At Direct2Florist, we've always believed in letting our customers choose the florist that will deliver their order, with pictures of that shop's actual work and reviews from real customers," explains Direct2Florist Managing Director Simon Stirling. "Whilst that helped take away some of the randomness of the flower sending procedure, we wanted to take our service one step further and actually show our customers what was being delivered and what they were getting for their money. We also wanted to share the excitement, emotion and joy of the moment when the gift is delivered, hence the Delivery Manager app."

So far, with the app being rolled out into more and more florist shops, customers are loving the new service which, true to Direct2Florist's belief that top level service should come as standard, is available at no additional cost.

One customer who really enjoys seeing pictures of her relatives receiving flowers is Yvonne French from Gloucester. She told us: "I was astonished when I was emailed a picture of my sister receiving the birthday flowers that I sent - especially as she lives at the other end of the country! It was truly delightful to see what the gift looked like and the huge smile on my sister's face. It made the whole process of sending flowers hugely enjoyable for me as well!"

The app is also proving helpful to florists as well. As it displays all orders, including relevant order details and a map, many florists are saying that it's actually helping drivers to locate tricky addresses they might not have found before! Drivers can also leave a note to the customer advising them if the flowers have been left with a neighbour or in a side shed, once again improving the service offered.

"We will soon be able to publish photos on our main website too - with customer approval of course - which means customers will be able to see which florists are offering this great service," adds Simon. "The reaction from our customers has already been phenomenal, which makes me very happy indeed! At Direct2Florist we're always looking at ways we can make the most of the latest technology and this is it!"

The App is available free of charge to users of Direct2Florist’s Florist Manager software – search for "d2f delivery manager" in the App Store or Android Market to download yours.

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