INSIGHT #9 - Re-thinking Relay

Dear Florist,

Many florists have been put off relay work lately, be it, low margins, high fees or just awful product designs that give an embarrassment to your local brand. That said there is still a need sometimes for your customers to send flowers out of town and nobody wants them to go neighbouring for this service.

Is there an answer?

Low margins
With D2F you receive either 90% (if in comes from another florists) or 100% if it comes via our Internet site.

High fees
We scraping our fees from ????? We are now offering totally FREE* access to our relay platform, to qualify for the free service all you have to do is input 12 orders per month, this can be aggregated over the year to allow for slower months.

Product Design
We have made a collection which includes the majority of easy to source popular public choices, we allow florists full freedom, but more importantly you get 90 or 100% full value to work with. The range includes all aspects of floristry from birthdays to funeral work.

Last year saw our biggest ever enrolement of uk florists added to our many oversees clients, this year we intend to grow at a much more rapid rate. It is this growth coupled with more florists going florist to florist that will ensure more works comes out of your computer and it's FREE*

To enjoy working with 90-100% of flower value means, the sending florists when working between each other receives a 10% commission rate, we know of other relay companies who pay a greater commission rate, but the florists has less to work too, one should also take into consideration how much the monthly fees are, to allow this higher industry crippling commission rate to be paid out.

We truly believe that the service and coverage we offer are excellent, we have solid plan for going forward and this year we intend to hook nearly every florist in the uk together.

*FREE. Providing you input 12 orders per annum, then you will not be billed the annual service charge of ???, this will be aggregated per annum to allow for any slow periods or your annual holidays.

Simon Stirling and the Direct2Florist Team